Afternoon review: Gem index fell 1.37percent, led by vaccine sector

 Afternoon review: Gem index fell 1.37percent, led by vaccine sector

As of the midday closing, the Shanghai composite index was up 0.83% to 3297.32; the Shenzhen composite index was down 0.94% to 13341.23; the gem index was down 1.37% to 2663.59.

In terms of plate, ant financial concept bucked the trend, Hejing technology increased by 20%, yilianzhong rose by more than 10%, new cape, Runhe software, Lucent technology and Zhengyuan wisdom rose by more than 5%; the third generation semiconductor, liquor, face recognition, etc. were the top gainers; vaccines, fentanyl, dairy industry, airport shipping and other sectors fell first.

By 11:30, the net outflow of funds from the North was 2.053 billion yuan, that of Shanghai Stock connect was 652 million yuan, and that of Shenzhen Stock connect was 140000 yuan.

China Merchants Securities believes that entering the fourth quarter, the style may further shift to the undervalued Pro cyclical plate. The market will gradually deduce the logic of from liquidity driven to economic fundamentals driven. Looking forward to the fourth quarter to the first quarter of next year, the performance of enterprises in Pro cyclical related fields will improve in varying degrees, and valuation cost performance will become an important factor in market consideration again.

Founder Securities said: first, from a pro cyclical perspective, it focuses on the relevant industries that benefit from deterministic recovery, and chooses from the perspective of durable consumption, finance and midstream cyclical products, such as automobile, non-bank, building materials and chemical industry; second, it favors emerging industries and scientific and technological fields, such as 5g, new energy vehicles and digital economy.

Source: Netease Financial Editor: Yang Qian_ NF4425