The State Council has revealed a heavy signal: the direct access mechanism of financial funds is expected to be normalized

 The State Council has revealed a heavy signal: the direct access mechanism of financial funds is expected to be normalized

Relevant departments and local governments have conscientiously implemented the direct access mechanism for financial funds, and the results have been continuously showing. According to statistics, as of the end of September, of the 2 trillion yuan of new financial funds this year, 1.7 trillion yuan should be allocated to local governments, and 1.57 trillion yuan has been allocated to the use units of cities and counties.

These direct funds effectively supplement the local financial resources, ensure that tax reduction and fee reduction are in place, and strongly support the employment of residents, the main body of the market and the basic livelihood, support the construction of major projects and poverty alleviation, and ensure the normal operation of the grassroots.

The state will conclude that the first three quarters of new tax cuts and fees cut more than 2 trillion yuan. The implementation of the large-scale rescue policy and direct mechanism has saved the main body of billions of markets, supported the new employment of nearly 9million cities and towns, and played a key role in the economic stability recovery.

In the next step, the Standing Committee of the State Council of the peoples Republic of China (NPC) requested that while continuing to implement the direct mechanism and improve the efficiency of fund utilization, it is necessary to summarize this years practice, study and establish a normalized direct financial fund mechanism, so as to improve the efficiency of financial funds and better serve the overall economic and social development.

It can be divided into three aspects

The second is to improve the management of direct funds. Transfer payment funds should be issued reasonably in advance. All localities should strengthen their responsibilities and strengthen the scientificity, standardization and effectiveness of the allocation and use of funds.

Third, improve supervision, speed up the opening and sharing of data between departments, strengthen the whole process monitoring of direct funds, strictly prevent fishing in troubled waters, and ensure the good use of funds.

On October 21, Liu Jinyun, director of the treasury payment center of the Ministry of finance, said at a press conference on fiscal revenue and expenditure in the first three quarters of this year that, according to the data statistics of the direct fund monitoring system of the Ministry of finance, as of September 30, of the 1.7 trillion yuan of direct funds under direct management, all localities have transferred 1.566 trillion yuan of direct funds to fund users, forming an actual expenditure of 1021.4 billion yuan, accounting for the middle of the total The central government has allocated 61.2% of the local funds.