The household appliances recognized by generation Z to completely improve the happiness of life are dryer? Cbndata Report

 The household appliances recognized by generation Z to completely improve the happiness of life are dryer? Cbndata Report

If the bad weather cant be changed, at least one dryer and the warm and soft feeling of clothes can greatly improve the happiness of life and liberate the balcony space.

On October 21, cbndata and tmall dryer industry jointly released the 2020 household dryer consumption insight report (hereinafter referred to as the report). Relying on the big data of cbndata consumption, it has an insight into the industry scale trend, category development, brand competition pattern, main consumer group characteristics and the core of consumption driving in 2020 Scene, provide accurate market demand change and industry trend forecast for household dryer brand manufacturers.

In recent years, dryer has become the core growth point of Civil washing and drying market. Tmall has experienced explosive growth for two consecutive years, with a growth rate of more than 100%. The fourth quarter is the most rapid growth point of the whole year. The turning point of the popularization of dryer category is coming.

2) Heat pump dryers lead the market, with a market share of 98% in the past year. Domestic brands have broken the pattern, catching up and entering the second echelon of the market.

Post epidemic era + new power of national product brand of industrial upgrading dryer

With the trend of consumption upgrading in recent years, the scale of domestic washing and drying market is expanding year by year, and the original high-end and small number of dryers have gradually become the core growth point in recent years. According to cbndatas report, from 2017 to 2019, online has become the main power channel for dryers, and the sales volume of tmall dryers has been increasing explosively for two consecutive years, with a growth rate of more than 100%. Among them, dryer will usher in explosive growth in the fourth quarter of each year.

Due to the superposition of policy, economy, society and technology, the turning point of the popularization of dryer is coming. Especially thanks to the rise of healthy housing economy in the post epidemic era, the dryer is further showing a younger trend.

With the activation of technological innovation, the dryer industry has further upgraded. It can not only give the dryer thinking ability through AI, but also upgrade its internal structure. At present, the mainstream technology products of direct discharge, condensation and heat pump have their own advantages. Heat pump dryer has become the first choice for consumers to choose due to its accurate temperature control and minimal damage to clothing. In recent three years, the sales share has been the highest, and it has occupied a leading position in the market in the past year.

Cbndata report shows that the number of online dryer brands has increased significantly in recent three years, and the brand head effect is significant. Domestic brands are catching up and have successfully entered the second echelon. For example, with the help of tmall, frico, a new rising brand, ranks in the top 5 of the industry during the double 11 in 2019, becoming a typical breakdown category.

Exquisite life + liberation balcony

Among the consumers of dryer category, post-85 and post-90s women are the main force. The 95s who pay attention to exquisite life have increased rapidly in the category of dryer, showing great consumption potential. According to the cbndata report, high-level consumers have grown rapidly in the past three years, accounting for more than 60% of the sales in 2019. Consumers in southeast coastal cities and second and third tier cities are most likely to buy dryer categories.

According to the cbndata report, young mothers born in the 85s and 90s who have a strong ability to accept new things and consume more than 6kg will choose a dryer with a capacity of more than 6kg for their families.

Young people living alone in pursuit of exquisite life prefer domestic mass brands with a price of 4000-10000 yuan, among which, cygnet, Midea, Haier and other brand products are more popular.

Middle class families often have more delicate requirements for washing and drying clothes. Intelligent, multi-mode and powerful dryer is the first choice for such families. The pursuit of exquisite life means that the balcony can be restored to a leisure and comfortable area, rather than a place for drying and exposing privacy. According to cbndatas report, 81% of urban quality residents are eager to liberate balcony life, and it is obvious that dryers can provide the possibility of balcony upgrading.

Dryer reflects urban youths new life attitude

Home dryer not only brings convenience to life, but also a space for family freedom. The epidemic situation has reshaped the consumption concept and habit of users. The young people of generation Z even accept the new concept of healthy washing, washing and care integration.

And dryer from one side to set off a younger new life attitude: efficient, care, health, environmental protection. Among them, accelerating the intelligent development of dryer products through technological innovation has become the future development trend of dryer category.

According to cbndata report, in the next three years, tmall platform dryer industry is planned to have 5 million units. The brand-new clothing care machine based on the dryer provides more possibilities for young people and families who pursue exquisite life.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485