The 2020 China data content competition is closed, and the competition works focus on the new epidemic situation

 The 2020 China data content competition is closed, and the competition works focus on the new epidemic situation

This year, the competition will be evaluated on the whole line, and the guests are the leading figures and scholars from the data content industry at home and abroad. According to the statistics of the Organizing Committee of the competition, a total of 849 people signed up for the competition, and 615 valid works were received. Six professional awards have been set up in this competition, among which the most concentrated field is the best data news, accounting for nearly half of the total contributions.

The contribution rate of interaction design works with high technical requirements also increased by 10% compared with that in 2019 (mobile interaction design accounted for 6% and web interaction design accounted for 4%).

According to the analysis of key words submitted, this years works focus on the epidemic situation of the new crown. At the same time, social events and hot news have become the focus of contestants attention, such as education, artificial intelligence, etc. Generally speaking, the works focus on China, and the specific contents are distributed in different fields such as science and technology, society, media, economy and health. It is believed that this competition will be full of highlights. Lets wait and see and look forward to the fruitful results in December.

At present, the competition has entered the preliminary evaluation stage, and the preliminary evaluation results will be announced on October 31.

Preliminary evaluation information

Preliminary evaluation time: October 16, 2020 to October 30, 2020

Preliminary evaluation process:

According to the category of intention awards, the works will be evaluated by jury from different perspectives,

For all works, the preliminary evaluation results are determined according to the opinions of the jury.

The preliminary evaluation results were published as follows:

The preliminary evaluation results are expected to be released on October 31,

The distribution channels are the official website of the contest, the WeChat official account, etc.

Award setting:

This year, a new social responsibility award has been added to the competition, which will be selected from all works without special declaration.

Bonus setting:

Gold Award: RMB 5000

Silver Award: RMB 3000

Bronze Award (nomination Award): RMB 1000

Competition process

Registration: June 15 to October 15, 2020

Shortlist: October 31 to November 14, 2020

Introduction to the competition

With the theme of data visualization in Media Convergence: scientific narrative and data openness, this competition focuses on the popular narrative mode of data content and visualization, so as to make people perceive the scientific spirit and logic in data application and visualization, and improve data narrative literacy; further promote the domestic promotion and international exchange of visualization technology; stimulate data openness and its public value, Promote its communication role between the media and enterprises, government and other institutions.

The competition invited 15 academic and media industry professional judges, as well as presidents of Journalism and communication schools of 16 well-known universities such as Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University and Communication University of China as consultants. Xu Hong, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Journalism and communication of Peking University, will be the chairman of the jury of the competition.

No field, no industry, no identity. 2020 China data content competition provides a broad enough communication platform for all participants to discuss the integration and development of data and content, and bring new creative power to the field of data visualization in China. This years competition shortlisted works will have the opportunity to present in Sina News.

How to check whether the contribution is successful?

A: contestants can click the [contestant login] on the official website page of the competition to enter the personal backstage and check whether there are submission records in the [participating works]. If you can see the participating works, they can be considered as successful submission. If you have any questions, you can contact xiaohuahuo, wechat customer service of the contest

How to check whether you are selected or not? What should be done after passing the review?

A: after the end of the review, the organizing committee will announce the list of the selected entries by including, but not limited to, the official account of the contest, the WeChat public number of the contest, and the communication team of the contestants. After passing the preliminary evaluation, the works will automatically enter the final evaluation stage, and the contestants do not need to carry out any operation.