Who is the ultimate prize winner of Zhiyuan Internet collaborative application competition

 Who is the ultimate prize winner of Zhiyuan Internet collaborative application competition

It is reported that after fierce competition and strict assessment by experts, Zhongtian steel, Zhongguancun maker Town, Kelun pharmaceutical, Zhongyuan, Qianji food and Shandong gold finally entered the finals. Experts agree that the enterprises that advance into the top six are unique and more representative in terms of the clever thinking of the combination of collaborative application platform and industry, or the practicability and reference significance of the industry.

Zhongtian iron and Steel Co., Ltd.: innovation promotes high quality development, collaborative achievement of digital Zhongtian

Zhongtian iron and Steel Group, as one of Chinas top 500 private enterprises for 15 consecutive years, is a large-scale national super large iron and steel complex integrating modern logistics, international trade, hotel, education, sports and other diversified plates. Zhongtian iron and Steel Co., Ltd. joined hands with Zhiyuan Internet 12 years ago to upgrade its informatization construction with the continuous iteration of Zhiyuan collaborative platform for many years.

In recent years, through Zhiyuan collaboration, Zhongtian iron and steel has incorporated multiple internal and external management modules, such as procurement, sales, finance, travel and audit, into a unified process collaboration platform, and established a standardized and efficient management process, which solved the common problems of enterprise digital governance with standardized business, efficient process, clear rights and responsibilities, and data sharing. At the same time, through the Zhiyuan process engine, Zhongtian iron and steel has opened the two veins of enterprise informatization.

Zhongguancun maker Town: collaborative efforts to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and plug in smart wings for industrial services

As an innovation and entrepreneurship industrial park integrating office, commerce and residence, Zhongguancun maker town established a connection with Zhiyuan Internet in 2019 and continued to cooperate with multiple business sectors in the town in 2020.

Through the cooperation with Zhiyuan Internet, Zhongguancun maker town not only integrates the companys internal procurement, investment promotion, cost control, administration and human resources into the collaborative platform, but also integrates the incubation service and asset service of the park with the system platform, so as to realize information unification, data sharing and management analysis and decision-making. Science and technology help entrepreneurship and innovation, and plug in wisdom wings for industrial services.

Karen pharmaceutical: extend data tentacles to make management more efficient

As the worlds largest infusion manufacturer and a leading enterprise in Chinas pharmaceutical industry, Kelun pharmaceutical has become more than 100 subsidiaries at home and abroad, including Sichuan Kelun, Kelun Pharmaceutical Research Institute and Kazakhstan Kelun.

Since 2007, Kelun pharmaceutical has cooperated with Zhiyuan Internet. From the earliest A3 and A6 to the latest version, Zhiyuan collaboration has become a bridge connecting more than 20 system integration hubs of Kelun pharmaceutical, including SAP, ERP, e-procurement platform, logistics and transportation platform, master data management and cost control platform.

With the development, growth and listing of Kelun, Zhiyuan collaboration has been widely used in all branches of the world, helping Kelun to become a highly specialized innovative pharmaceutical group.

Central Plains of China: building smart collaboration and realizing data operation

As Chinas only general contractor engaged in the development and construction of overseas nuclear power market, CNNC Zhongyuan Foreign Engineering Co., Ltd. takes leading Chinas nuclear energy to the world as its own responsibility, and provides one-stop solution for global nuclear energy in the whole life cycle.

In 2018, Zhongyuan of China joined hands with Zhiyuan Internet. Through the cooperation of Zhiyuan, the company incorporated the procurement contract, finance, cost management and other modules into a unified data analysis platform, established a unified analysis model, and well solved the management needs of unified information, full sharing and social analysis.

Qianji company: building a new digital retail with collaborative platform as the hub

As one of the top ten baking brands in China, Qianji company has been exploring the baking industry for more than ten years, known as the first baking brand in Central China, with nearly 400 offline Direct stores. In order to solve the problem of decentralized business system, Qianji company and Zhiyuan Internet have reached a cooperation.

Based on the collaborative operation platform, Qianji company has realized a unified information portal driven by business process, focused on information integration, centered on collaborative communication, and carried by mobile support. It has realized the integrated operation of the whole companys process, data and collaboration, and realized the new retail mode and management in the digital era through the collaboration of sales, finance, personnel and daily office pattern.

Shandong Gold: Great coordination, large Zhongtai to help enterprises digital transformation and build world-class mines

As one of Chinas top 500 enterprises, Shandong gold has been the first gold producer in China since 2017. Shandong gold has built a high-speed, safe, stable and reliable new generation collaborative operation platform through Zhiyuan Internet cooperation. Through this platform, Shandong gold has built the groups unified access portal, and built four management centers, including the operation management center based on business process optimization, the personal efficiency center integrated with social and people-oriented, the center for enterprise data integration and knowledge sharing, and the communication center for enterprise planning.

Through the construction of the four centers, Shandong gold improved the management ability of the groups cross business collaborative operation, the ability of intelligent decision-making knowledge of leaders and management, etc. Relying on dazhongtai, Shandong gold enterprises will be assisted in digital transformation to create world-class mines.

On October 24, the final of the Zhiyuan Internet collaborative application competition will be decided. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

On October 24, the final of the Zhiyuan Internet collaborative application competition will be decided.