Li Jiaqi watched over 100 million live: love and spend money, dont get involved

 Li Jiaqi watched over 100 million live: love and spend money, dont get involved

I wonder if you have noticed this phenomenon:

For many products, they prefer to use the method of buy one get one free for promotion, rather than give a 50% discount directly.

For example, buy a 50 ml suit, send you a 50 ml sample, or simply send another formal.

As for us, we complain that it is better to have a direct discount;

At the same time, he was reluctant to give up such a big discount and ordered.

Of course, businesses are not stupid.

Buy one get one free for 100 yuan of goods, as consumers will feel that they have made 100 yuan in vain;

When the event is over, the goods will be sold at the original price, no problem.

But if the discount is adopted:

A 50% discount on a 100 yuan product makes consumers feel like its worth 50 yuan.

When the discount is cancelled and the original price is restored, we will find it very worthless.

In any case, goods will avoid reducing their value.

This is based on the best consideration in the long run.

The same is true of peoples feelings.

No matter under what circumstances and with whom, we should avoid devaluing ourselves.

They say that love is blind and irrational. I agree with it;

But if we can examine a relationship from an economic point of view;

This relationship is bound to be longer-term and healthier.

When we pay for something, we dont pay for it.

Roses represent romance and diamonds represent eternal love;

Chanel 5 perfume is sexy. Hermes is a pass for some circles.

This is their added value and makes them different.

Its the same with emotion.

What kind of people to be with is like what kind of label you put on yourself;

What we like in the end are people who can represent our taste and understand our demands.

Know a couple, the wifes family conditions are good, from the snacks wear degree pay attention to quality;

His ability is also strong, to the position of deputy general manager, income is quite large.

After marriage, the material living standard of husband and wife is not low.

The mans family background is ordinary, his work is ordinary, but he has a scholarly family and extraordinary conversation;

In the spiritual life, it has always been the object of female worship.

In business, the best transaction is not necessarily equivalent exchange;

Both sides feel that they have taken advantage of each other, so they want more cooperation.

In a relationship, the best love is not necessarily the right match.

Both sides feel that they have ascended the other side and have some space to look up to;

To see the possibility of getting better and better.

Its not the rich looking for the rich, but the powerful looking for the powerful;

Its the light source brought by each other, which can light up your future.

The right person will surely bring you to the good.

This morning, a reader told me:

On impulse, I ordered more than 4000 yuan of beauty instrument.

After paying a deposit of 100 yuan, I remember that I have to pay the rent next month.

If you pay the balance, the next month will be very tight, ask me what to do.

Its the expenses that have happened and cant be recovered, such as her deposit of 100 yuan.

If you give up the sunk cost, you will lose 100 yuan and pay the rent next month. You will have a comfortable life.

In more popular terms, its a timely stop.

I always felt that the value of an object cannot be seen only by its price and rarity.

It should also be determined by the degree of your need for it.

After a bad play, you dont have to watch the whole episode;

You dont have to eat an empty dish if you order a bad dish;

After a few years of love, Im getting tired. I dont have to get married.

Give up the moment is uncomfortable, is reluctant to give up;

But in the long run, it can help you avoid bigger losses.

Like gecko meet danger, self - broken tail, pain, but save life;

In the wrong direction, to stop in time is to move forward;

Its a waste of life to be around the wrong person for one more second.

Talking about feelings and spending money on things have something in common.

Its not necessarily how much you can get from each other;

But at least not to the end, nothing, but also let themselves become unbearable.

If you have a lot of money, you can certainly pay for a lot of things you like;

Even if it doesnt make a big difference, its a satisfaction to put it there.

But its a pity that we only have one love, one for the rest of our lives;

Be careful to give it to the worthy.

We have to spend some unjust money to know what is good, and meet some wrong people to know what is right. There is a Western proverb called dont cry for spilled milk. I understand another meaning of this saying: continue to live a good life, and dont let yourself regret.