Ant groups preparation before listing is comparable to spy war! There are mysterious codes for taxi reimbursement

 Ant groups preparation before listing is comparable to spy war! There are mysterious codes for taxi reimbursement

They have prepared a manuscript for publication, the official account number, entitled believingisseeing, translated into Chinese, that is, believing, so they are seen. Maybe they were so excited that they misspelled the word.

Its exciting, of course. In May this year, the listing of ant group began. It was not until July 20 that they announced their IPO plans for the first time. Until then, they have been denying the listing plan, although the intermediary team has begun to work for the listing.

Before the official announcement, most of the star companies arrangements for listing in Hong Kong were flatly denied, although this denial seems meaningless in reality.

The practice of ant group is more exaggerated. Around May, they will include investment banks, law firms and audit institutions to assist in the listing to the 7th floor of Gloucester building, land Plaza, central.

This is the decisive battle base of ant group before listing.

Action code: Programmer

The whole listing plan of ant group is like a spy film.

In Hong Kong, the story about ant group listing has been passed down by numerous middle ring population, as it is the only chance they can make a big profit this year, although they have no idea about the listing arrangement of ant group.

This is because, in addition to Gloucester building, the listing story of ant group has its own new name: programmer. This is the code name of ant group for listing.

Outside the 7th floor of Gloucester building in central place, all stories about the listing of ant group are carried out with this code. Including for the ant group to do listing members, after taxi or other consumption, reimbursement, etc. are carried out with this code.

The 7th floor of Gloucester tower is actually one of the offices of relief Merrill Lynch, a financial printer listed by ant group in central. Even if you are working on the 8th floor of the upper floor, you may not know that the listing team of ant group is stationed on the 7th floor for nearly half a year, if it is not in the project team.

However, the employees of relief Merrill Lynch, who entered the listing group of ant group, were divided into two groups to provide 24-hour services for the listing of ant group.

The financiers on the 7th floor of Gloucester tower work harder, like perpetual motion machines wound up by ant group: they have seen not only what central looks like at 4 a.m., but everything beyond 4 a.m.

Listing process of ant group: a confidentiality agreement

Confidentiality is the most important thing in the listing process of ant group.

Many people who participated in the listing project of ant group recalled that after so many years of IPO project, they had never met a company with such strict confidentiality as ant group.

Since May this year, ant group has contracted out all the offices of its financial printer letterpress Merrill Lynch, located on the 7th floor of Gloucester building in land Plaza, central, which is equivalent to renting the whole floor office for more than six months. On this floor, letterpress Merrill Lynch has 15 conference rooms, which is the largest of its three offices in central.

Although occasionally, there are some IPO projects in Hong Kong that require confidentiality, such as the project of returning to Hong Kong for the second time, which involves the impact of the companys US stock price. As a rule, these projects are just a few days under the cover of all conference rooms in the relatively small location of letterpress Merrill Lynch.

In terms of the monthly rent of HK $200 per foot, ant groups estimated rent for the entire seven floors contracted by ant group is more than HK $20 million, which is much higher than the total cost of financial printing for many IPOs in Hong Kong.

With such a high requirement for confidentiality, ant group has a very small range of financial printers in Hong Kong. Because among more than a dozen financial printers in Hong Kong, only gravure Merrill Lynch has its own independent printing plant, which can better ensure that information is not leaked during the printing process.

With more than 350 people in total, Merrill Lynch is also the largest financial printer in Hong Kong. In addition to printing, printing, typesetting and meeting rooms for ant group, letterpress Merrill Lynch also provides translation of marketing materials.

Financial printers in the IPO process is equivalent to the logistics headquarters, all the listing materials have to be gathered here, comparable to the listing information collection center. The listing process will not begin until the intermediaries and financial printers have sorted out all the materials and printed them out and submitted them to the listing section of the Hong Kong stock exchange.

From companies to investment banks, law firms and other layers of confidentiality, if there is any error, if the information is inadvertently leaked in the financial printing center, it will fail.

Thats why ant collection is so cautious to financial printers, even if they dont seem to be very important, and requires every waiter of all financial printers to sign a new confidentiality agreement.

In an IPO in Hong Kong, it is very rare for everyone in the project to sign a separate confidentiality agreement.

All the time, acceleration is needed

More importantly, ant group chose a + H to be listed at the same time, which also increased a lot of workload for the listing team.

This is also the ant group chose to contract the whole floor conference room of letterpress Merrill Lynch. Intermediaries such as investment banks and law firms can work overtime here at any time.

Comparatively speaking, the listing process in Hong Kong is relatively simple. In other words, in order to ensure the smooth listing of ant group, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission have been waiting for service.

As a rule, the Listing Committee of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange meets on Thursday once a week, and occasionally in the high IPO season, it will increase its meeting on Tuesday.

However, the hearing time of ant group in Hong Kong is on October 19, Monday. This means that this is a separate meeting of the Listing Committee - except that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange chased Xiaomi group as the first case of listing the same share with different rights, this is the treatment that few IPO companies can have, or only when the IPO projects are overstocked.

The treatment of ant group in a share is also good. The Shanghai Stock Exchange approved the listing plan of ant group within 24 days. Compared with other IPO companies in the same period, it was reviewed for three or four months, which obviously accelerated.

But even so, ant groups IPO is about two weeks later than expected.

This is because, like most other listed companies in Hong Kong, the ant group has also received a lot of complaints during the preparatory process, including the group of ants, whose Alipay is the only third party channel, and buys five mutual funds for initial public offerings as retail investors.

All of these complaints require companies and intermediaries to work together to prepare materials to explain to regulators - these explanations take a lot of time.

Fortunately, ant group will begin to offer shares on October 29. All the intermediary teams will stay for another two weeks. Ant group will be completely liberated after it is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the science and technology innovation board at 9:30 a.m. on November 6.

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