Good taste of girls have recently started these big bags

 Good taste of girls have recently started these big bags


Taste, intelligence and liveliness

Herms gives us simple happiness

A soft, lightweight handbag made from a whole piece of leather. With a convenient flap on the front, the lovely H stitching is highlighted. Package about 20640 yuan, silk scarf about 2220 yuan, are Herms


Happy pink makes everyday life colorful

People cant help but admire the really cute new is pink and coral tie dyed Tweed Fabric. Diamond shaped rhombic pattern, metal strap woven into leather, CC Logo It has a lot of Chanel elements, which is suitable for casual wear. Bag [chanel19] about 27660 yuan, Chanel T-shirt about 168 yuan (2 sets price) Hanes sweater about 1860 yuan, Sloane jeans about 1440 yuan, upperheights bracelet about 540 yuan, cocoshnik


Hammock bag and I have become more free

The bottom of the bag can be stretched out or folded in. The shape of the bag can be changed according to your heart. The never seen and amazing hammock bag has become the leading role. Package [harmocksmall] about 15660 yuan, Loewe dress about 2340 yuan, Bluebird Boulevard


Combine elegance and leisure style

The latest Dior is a combination of cannage pattern and elegant velvet. The package [diorbooktote] is about 20400 yuan Dior


Following the changing times of Monogram

With the popularity of mini bags in modern times, the answer given by LV is such a lovely partner. Inspired by the popular noe since it was launched in 1900, it brings a lovely feeling beyond the bag. Bag [noepulse] about 8580 yuan LouisVuitton top about 534 yuan n.o.r.c jeans about 1620 yuan hyke


Nostalgia, freshness -- the beauty of rebirth

Show natural and natural natural

Make the richness of daily life wardrobe

Women all over the world are fascinated by the pouch series. The soft touch of leather makes people moved instantly, which also contains the faith and spirit of the brand. Bag [minithepouch] about 9180, bottegaveneta jeans about 1140 yuan, upperheights cap about 444 yuan, ca4la right hand ring about 1500 yuan, refaire left hand ring about 840 yuan cocoshnik


Mature women with firm heart

Sweetness is a new explanation for femininity

The metal part of vivaribon brand logo is made into 3D shape, which is more feminine. About 11880 yuan Salvatore Ferragamo


With my favorite shiny bag

When you can forget boredom


Feel the vigorous spirit of French freedom

The perfect fusion of tradition and modern romance

Asymmetric tailoring of the leather creates the Daria series that shows Chlo u00e9s technical level. The most characteristic weaving handle in this series is handmade. The combination of leather and fleece is suitable for casual style. Bag [Daria Mini] about $12540 Chlo u00e9 blouse about $1200 oneteaspoon pants about $1020 Sandinista

With a little friend named my baby

The fenderoma logo is shown by heat transfer printing. With two kinds of long and short straps, you can freely change the back method. Package [Montresor] about 12120 yuan, Fendi cardigan about 1560 yuan, rjubilee sports vest about 378 yuan, Aton pants about 1740 yuan, Bluebird Boulevard scarves about 720 yuan Manipuri


Feminine and strong - this bag can

Inspired by mens accessories, the new style is divided into three partitions. Although it is a mini bag, it has strong storage capacity. About $15960 Dolce & Gabbana


A bag for women to look forward to


A bag for women to look forward to

It inherits the idea of Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent, who opened a shop on the river gauche, where youth culture is concentrated. Bag [noe] about 8700, Saint Laurent by Anthony vaccarillo top about 660 yuan, orcival shorts about 534 yuan n.o.r.cbytheline shoes about 1740 yuan, spelta Sunglasses about 900 yuan, Oscar & Frank Earrings pazcollective


1. The design full of lively elements makes the mood more high. It can be carried as a handbag and used as you like. Package [snapshot] about 2580 yuan marcjacobs

2. This soft white is the best match for autumn and winter fashion. It can be carried on hand or shoulder back. 2 ways bag. The natural JC logo is very eye-catching. Package [Varenne] about 7440 yuan jimmychoo

The simple and distinctive silver basket handle is decorated with brand signature rivets. Package about 8580 yuan J & mdavidson

Ice grey is suitable for any shape. It exudes the leisurely smoothness of mature women and the combination of suede is very clever. It is suitable for daily life and going out. Package [Hana] about 3360 yuan seebychloe

5 square long chain and eye-catching red color matching. Suitable for handsome and mature women, lizard skin and python patterns give off gorgeous feeling. Package [Cece] about 3660 yuan michaelkors

7 noble and leisure. The arch logo of the new main theme is the lively lock lock for the protagonist F. The package is about 3780 yuan Furla

8 popular Hutton is upgraded to a lighter youth fabric, which is a capital letter pattern suitable for casual wear. The package [Hutton shouldersignature chambray] is about 3840 yuan, coach

The place of meeting with friends has changed