Swearing during the live broadcast is more than that

 Swearing during the live broadcast is more than that

This side of the male love beans just finished paste for non for, the female love beans followed closely also to join in the fun.

Just yesterday, Kong Xueer, a member of The9, participated in the live broadcast of the brand.

During the live broadcast, the host asked: do you usually make up?

Then he said, of course. and then he said, I, TM... I remember I saw an interview the day before yesterday. It was a four person activity of our team. They asked who would not go out without makeup? Then they kept calling my name.

But later, some fans said Kong Xueer didnt swear: she said me, they just said it too fast.

In order to prove it, sister FA went to listen to it (dont ask me, I know I wont say it).

What exactly is it? Youd better believe your ears after listening to it.

As a member of the womens League, in addition to her true temperament, Kong xueer is most discussed about her beauty.

Some time ago, Kong Xueer has just been selected as the worlds most beautiful face in 2020.

I cant help but say that this photo is really beautiful.

In fact, the style of Kong Xueer in the early days is quite different from that of the present.

Flesh face, big eyes, plus the natural white skin, is a real soft sister.

Later, I may feel that there is not enough delicacy on the camera.

The problems of low mountain root, backward chin and protruding mouth were improved.

I remember before, someone always asked: did she do mandibular angle resection?

FA elder sister studies carefully, Xue ers mandible probably has not moved.

The main reason is that there is no excess fat in the facial contour, and there is no obvious fracture angle in the mandibular angle. In addition, the prosthesis chin makes the mandibular angle close a little bit quickly, and the chin looks very sharp.

If you have a slight chin retrusion like the girl below, you can improve it by filling with hyaluronic acid.

No trauma, no recovery period, as you go, the price is still low.

On the front, the short chin is longer and more delicate.