IPhone 12 does not support dual card 5g? The conclusion of media measurement finally reassures everyone

 IPhone 12 does not support dual card 5g? The conclusion of media measurement finally reassures everyone

According to the news released by foreign media a few days ago, some operator documents show that the iPhone 12 series does not support 5g network when using dual card. If the same is true for the domestic version, it is extremely unfriendly for the huge domestic dual card users. However, fortunately, this rumor has reached a definite conclusion recently. After inserting two SIM cards, the Bank of China Version of the iPhone 12 can still access 5g network very quickly. The actual test conducted by domestic media shows that 5g network in dual card mode has not been affected. At the same time, the media also explained: the reason why the US version of the iPhone 12 has the above problems is that it adopts the physical SIM + ESIM scheme, which is different from the domestic dual entity card mode, so we need not worry.

It is worth noting that the national version of the iPhone 12 series is about to be officially launched. Among them, the iPhone 12 uses super ceramic crystal panel, glass back plate and aluminum metal frame, carries 5nma144ionic processor, is equipped with 4GB memory, and is equipped with 12 million wide-angle + 12 million ultra wide angle dual camera, supporting 2x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom and OIS optical anti shake; while the iPhone 12pro uses super ceramic crystal panel and sub gloss quality The glass back plate is equipped with stainless steel frame, equipped with 5nma144ionic processor and 6GB memory. Compared with the former, it adds a 12 megapixel long focus lens, and supports 4x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

It is reported that the expected delivery date of the iPhone 12 on Apples official website is 2-3 weeks, while that of the iPhone 12 Pro is 3-4 weeks. It is not difficult to see consumers approval of the new machine. Well see more details.

Nextgalliance is established in the United States to promote the leadership of 6G. Ericsson has obtained 112 5g commercial contracts in recent three months, with an increase of 13. It is not network card or chipset. 7Nm chip of MediaTek has entered amd for the first time. Source: techweb editor in charge: Mao Xinsi_ NBJS11624