On these important occasions, Xi Jinping emphasized 14th Five-Year.

 On these important occasions, Xi Jinping emphasized 14th Five-Year.

u2014u2014On July 21, he presided over and held a forum on entrepreneurs

We should proceed from reality, formulate the implementation plan of the Yangtze River Delta integration development plan during the 14th five year plan period, and constantly achieve more fruitful results.

The 14th five year plan period is the first five years of Chinas building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and realizing the first centenary goal. China will enter a new stage of development by taking advantage of the situation to start a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way and marching towards the second centenary goal.

u2014u2014On August 24, he presided over the Symposium of experts in the economic and social fields

Todays world is experiencing a great change that has not happened in a hundred years. Chinas development is facing profound and complex changes at home and abroad. The development of Chinas fourteenth five year plan period and longer period puts forward more urgent requirements for accelerating scientific and technological innovation.

u2014u2014On September 11, he presided over a meeting of scientists and stressed that

The five-year plan is closely related to the needs of the people and the people, and the five-year plan is closely related to the needs of the people and society.

u2014u2014Speech at the forum of grassroots representatives on September 17

Cultural industry is a sunrise industry. Nowadays, culture and technology are deeply combined, the cultural industry is developing rapidly, and the employees are also growing. This is not only a rapidly developing industry, but also a huge pool of talents. In the fourteenth five year plan, attention should be paid to this industry.

u2014u2014On September 17, during the inspection in Hunan, he stressed that

During the period of the 14th five year plan, we should comprehensively implement the partys educational policy from the overall development of the party and the state, adhere to the priority development of education, persist in educating people for the party and the country, strive to run education satisfactory to the people, and train new people of the times to undertake the great task of national rejuvenation in the new process of accelerating the modernization of education.

u2014u2014On September 22, he presided over the Symposium of experts in the field of education, culture, health and sports

It is the first time in the history of Chinas five-year plan compilation to solicit opinions and suggestions from the whole society through the Internet. The effect of this activity is very good, the degree of social participation is very high, and a lot of constructive opinions and suggestions are put forward. The relevant departments should timely sort out, analyze and seriously absorb. The opinions and suggestions put forward by the masses are extensive and specific, which fully express their new expectations for a better life. The peoples yearning for a better life is our goal, and the peoples confidence and support are the strength of our countrys progress. We should sum up the experience and practice of this activity, give better play to the role of the Internet in listening to the voice of the people and gathering the wisdom of the people in the future work, and better pool our wisdom and wisdom.

u2014u2014In September, important instructions and emphasis were made on the online consultation activities for the preparation of the 14th five year plan

u2014u2014On October 10, an important speech was delivered at the opening ceremony of the training class for young and middle-aged cadres of the Central Party School (National Academy of administration)