Shenhua officials wish Yan Junling an early recovery, and Bi Jinhao also apologized to him

 Shenhua officials wish Yan Junling an early recovery, and Bi Jinhao also apologized to him

In the first round of the Derby on October 18, when the match was in the 39th minute, Shenhua used the long pass to instigate the attack. Bi Jinhao rushed into the forbidden area, and Yan Junling abandoned the door to attack and intercept. The two men had a physical collision. From the slow motion playback, Yan Junling rushed up from behind to intercept him. Bi Jinhao always had his back to Yan Junling. He couldnt see the situation behind him. His arm naturally opened in the process of jumping for the ball, and his right arm touched Yan Junlings eyes.

Although it was an accidental collision, but to see Yan Junling injured off the court, as a player, Bi Jinhao also felt the same. After dinner at the end of the match that day, Bi Jinhao contacted the Shanghai Club through the club and expressed his wish to visit Yan Junling. Shanghong said that Yan Junling was not very comfortable and had taken a rest. Yan Junling learned that Bi Jinhao was going to visit him, so he called him. On the phone, Yan Junling said to bi Jinhao, its OK. You didnt mean to. In fact, Yan Junling and Bi Jinhao have a good private relationship. After Yan Junling was injured, he posted a micro blog, and Bi Jinhao forwarded a comment: get well soon, go back and invite you to eat delicious food. Yan Junling replied, I want to find a good restaurant.

In his career, Bi has never had a red card. People who are familiar with Bi Jinhao know that his character is also very good. However, because of this accident, Bi Jinhao has received a lot of abuse and even personal attacks in recent days. His life and training have been affected to a certain extent.

Yan Junling has left Suzhou and returned to Shanghai for eye surgery. This is my first serious injury in so many years. Sometimes there are always accidents in my life, Yan wrote on her personal social platform. Please allow me to recharge myself. Ill be back on the court soon