Shen Yinhao has left Suzhou for the second round of Jinglu war

 Shen Yinhao has left Suzhou for the second round of Jinglu war

On the evening of October 21, two international referees from South Korea, Jin Xikun and Gao Hengjin, respectively entered the Suzhou and Dalian division of the Chinese Super League, preparing to execute some key competitions in the championship group and the relegation group respectively.

On the morning of the 22nd, a joint meeting was held in Suzhou before the match between China Hezbollah Guoan and Luneng. At the meeting, the teams received a notice, Jin Xikun confirmed the law enforcement of both sides of the game. This result is not surprising to the two teams and the outside world. This is because in the 15th round of the draw between the two teams, the referee Shen Yinhaos part of the penalty had caused controversy, and caused Lunengs complaints. The Chinese Football Association also intends to arrange foreign referees to enforce the law to ensure the smooth work of the competition and avoid the occurrence of disputes and contradictions as far as possible. According to the data, Jin Xikun had four CSL matches and one FA Cup match law enforcement experience. Among them, there are some competitions participated in by Zhonghe Guoan and Luneng. He is no stranger to CSL. And for his law enforcement style, the two teams also have personal experience.

Almost at the same time when Jin Xikun entered the Suzhou area, Ma Ning, a registered international referee of the Chinese Football Association, also arrived in Suzhou from Dalian. It is worth noting that before he arrived, Shen Yinhao, another international referee in the competition area, who was the referee of the first round of the battle of Beijing and Shandong, had left Suzhou competition area and returned to Shanghai to explain the matter to his unit because of suspected fraud in his thesis. Therefore, it is no accident that Ma Ning came to Suzhou.

In the first round of the 15th round of Shanghai Derby, the law enforcement of Guo Baolong, the local national referee, was deeply affirmed by all parties, which also added confidence for the Chinese Football Association to continue to arrange excellent local referees for the second round confrontation between the two teams. Ma Ning is undoubtedly the most ideal referee.

As for the other South Korean referee Gao Hengjin, which of the relegation group competitions will be enforced, the Chinese Football Association has not yet reached a conclusion.