Intel satellite in the sky! Support AI processing for the first time

 Intel satellite in the sky! Support AI processing for the first time

The satellite uses Intel movidius myriad 2vpu chip, which is the same as many smart cameras and even the $99 earth selfie UAV.

Phisat-1 is actually one of a pair of satellites to monitor polar ice and soil moisture, and to create a future joint satellite network by testing inter satellite communication systems. At present, it is running in a sun synchronous orbit about 530 kilometers above the ground, with a speed of more than 27500 kilometers per hour.

To this end, ESA decided to use airborne processing to identify and delete useless cloud images, sending only useful pixels, which ultimately saved about 30% of the bandwidth.

Of course, spacecraft computers usually use very specialized radiation resistant chips, and may be 20 years behind the most advanced commercial technology..

Although Intel myriad 2vpu is advanced in technology, it is not designed for orbit operation. Therefore, a series of tests have been carried out specially through radiation characterization to determine how to deal with errors or wear in space applications. For example, the 36 hour radiation beam burst test conducted at CERN at the end of 2018 was very smooth.

For Intel, this is a small demand market, but its potential impact is beyond doubt, and it will eventually be able to grasp the pulse of the earth.

Source: fast technology editor: Mao Xinsi_ NBJS11624