Tesla is questioned and treated differently! High quality domestic model exported to Europe

 Tesla is questioned and treated differently! High quality domestic model exported to Europe

On October 19, Tesla announced that the Tesla Model 3 produced by Shanghai Super factory will be shipped to more than ten European countries, including Germany and France, on Tuesday. The export vehicles are the upgraded version of the model 3 standard. (

Although officials have repeatedly claimed that the models exported to Europe have the same configuration as the model 3 on sale in China.

In addition, Tao Lin said on the social platform on October 18 that domestic and foreign companies are not synchronized, which is the norm in the automobile production industry, especially for new factories and new products. It generally takes a long time or even more than a year for traditional car factories to realize synchronous production.

However, what is surprising is that some netizens found the model 3 model neatly parked in the port in the news screen of vehicle export. Its low beam lamp has been changed into a lens, and the door handle is suspected to have been blackened, just like the model 3 model after the change.

Therefore, some netizens questioned that the current Shanghai Tesla super factory has been able to produce modified model 3 models, but the models sold in China are still cash models, and they choose to export the new models, which is suspected of letting Chinese consumers digest inventory.

According to the previous news, the modified model 3 model still follows the design of the current model.

However, in details, the new model 3 changes the bright silver chrome plated trim strips of window line and door handle to matte black trim. At the same time, the electric vehicle tail lights have been upgraded.

At present, many media and fans have asked Tesla officials for confirmation, but they have not received effective response. What do you think of Teslas winning strategy?

Source: fast technology editor: Mao Xinsi_ NBJS11624