French special Apple iPhone 12 / Pro box in box headset

 French special Apple iPhone 12 / Pro box in box headset

The new iPhone 12 box is slim, and there is no earpods tray or charger under the iPhone, so in France, earpods is at the bottom of a separate box, which is large enough to also contain the standard iPhone 12 box. This extra box seems to be much bigger than the new, slimmer iPhone 12 box.

Apple omitted earpods headphones when it released its new iPhone 12 phone, claiming it was more environmentally friendly, but it was actually illegal in France.

Why? This is thought to be potentially harmful to the brains absorption of radio-frequency energy, which is released by mobile phones when used for conversation. There is considerable debate about the impact of this, but most countries will be careful to set a legal limit on RF power output.

The iPhone uses proximity sensors to detect when the phone is touching the head and reduces RF power to comply with legal restrictions.

However, France went further, believing that users should be encouraged to use headphones and keep their phones away from their heads. To this end, France requires smartphones to be sold with headphones, or to use an accessory that enables it to limit the heads exposure to radio radiation during communication..

That means Apple has to add headphones to its iPhone 12 box in France, and the solution the company has found is box in box.

France is the only market in the world where Apple will offer earpods headphones with the iPhone 12. However, there is no way for manufacturers to provide additional packaging for smartphones. As Apple announced on the evening of the keynote speech, the manufacturers will deliver the iPhone 12 and the headset in two different ways.

But apple is smart, and as the YouTube channel shows, the earpods headset is actually at the bottom of the big box, which is the smart phone box inside.

Open the outer box and you can see the package of the iPhone 12. Remove this and youll see the earpods headset below.

Source: it home editor: Duan Jiaqi_ NT7312