Why is it always said that the iPhone is not as good as the domestic android?

 Why is it always said that the iPhone is not as good as the domestic android?

Taking photos becomes the first appeal of mobile phone users

Mobile phone photography has a history of more than 10 years

The first stage of the birth of mobile phone solved the mobile communication, the second stage is to integrate the earlier MP3 / MP4 into the mobile phone as a mobile entertainment terminal, while the third stage continuously improves the quality of screen and camera equipment on the basis of the original multimedia.

In the 2G era, Sony Ericsson launched a camera phone for taking photos. However, in the era of smart phones, the first person to do articles in mobile phone photography is Apples iPhone.

When the industrys giants were still developing multimedia entertainment and game elements in mobile phones, iPhone came to the world. Until the period of iPhone 4, with the support of 5 megapixel camera, IOS 4.1 HDR algorithm and retina screen, apple took photos to the forefront of the industry.

Eight years of development of domestic Andro camera

It has been about eight years since domestic mobile phones have used Android system in large quantities. Now domestic android flagship mobile phones often use 100 million pixel cameras to make the iPhone 11 Shiver with only 12 million pixels. Although pixels are not the only factor in the quality of films, higher pixels also have advantages in some scenes.

In addition to camera pixels, Android also has higher equipment in terms of CMOS sensor, anti shake and zoom. Some mobile phones even set the CMOS size at 1 / 1.28 inch, which is larger than the sensor size of many card cameras. The mobile phone shooting experience has surpassed the professional digital camera.

IPhone photo taking technology route is different

In terms of photographing, many people think that the film-forming effect of iPhone is not as good as that of many domestic Android phones. In fact, in terms of adjustment, the white balance, saturation and tolerance of iPhone series mobile phones are different from the camera configuration and technical route of many domestic mobile phones. The intelligent AI optimization of software automatically adds beauty, color matching, sharpening and other effects on domestic handsets On the screen of the mobile phone, the photos taken seem to be better than the iPhone,

But if the photos are transmitted to a larger screen such as a monitor or a TV, the details are not comparable to those of the iPhone, and at the same time, it also brings some troubles to the later work.


This is just like a piece of jewelry, cheap jewelry is also a kind of good if someone likes it, and it is also a bad if no one likes expensive jewelry. But dont forget the old saying: everything is worth a cent.

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