Lin Peng applied for a public fund license after going private

 Lin Peng applied for a public fund license after going private

It has always been a matter of Lin Pengs plan to apply for a public fund license, a person familiar with the matter said

Lin Peng is a hot spot in the asset management circle these days. According to previous news, harmony Huiyi asset, founded by Lin Peng, opened its first product launch on October 19 and sold well for 15 billion yuan that day. However, harmony Huiyi asset was cautious about the temptation of scale, and began to take some active measures to control the scale on the first day of issuance, including limiting the number of products on the shelves and lowering the upper limit of single product households. However, the funds of some pre appointment customers are still on the way. Considering the customer experience and ensuring that all products are established at the same time, the product collection period will end on October 23 according to the original plan.

According to the data, in addition to Lin Peng, Zhang Hongyu, former assistant general manager and chief investment officer of Hongyi distant fund, who has served as general manager of Research Department of Schroder fund of BOCOM for many years, and Liang Shuang, former deputy general manager of securities investment business headquarters of Dongfang securities (11.330, - 0.08, - 0.70%) have also joined Hexie asset.

When the harmonious exchange of one asset in the private placement circle set off the tide, Lin Peng for public license plate has been continuing.

The application for public offering license has been promoted all the time. The launch of HeXie Huiyi asset private placement business is to keep the companys investment and research team in the market with a practical feeling. In the future, the transformation of private placement to public offering will be more easily completed. The people familiar with the matter said.

According to the current public offering license application process, Lin Peng has been preparing for a long time, and is completing relevant preparation and review according to the regulatory process.

Will Lin Peng repeat Chen Guangmings path from Dongfanghong asset management? The path of Chen Guangming and Ruiyuan fund is a classic case in the industry, which should be very enlightening for Lin Peng. If the public offering license is obtained in the future, Lin Peng is expected to continue his previous style and become a new force in the industry. Some public funders said.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of China Securities Journal_ NBJ9607