Fixed income + customized funds are intensively bound with banks in depth

 Fixed income + customized funds are intensively bound with banks in depth

According to the reporters interview, the issue of equity funds was hot before, and the power point of fund issuance market in recent years is biased towards fixed income + funds. It is reported that the fixed income + funds of Boshi fund, Baoying fund, China Merchants Fund, Guangfa fund, huitianfu fund and other companies have come one after another, and the bank channel has also begun to vigorously promote the fixed income + fund.

According to public information, the fixed income + funds being issued include China Merchants Anyang bond fund, Nanfang Yuding one-year holding period hybrid securities investment fund, and Fuguo double bond enhanced bond fund, etc.; Guangfa Hengtong 6-month holding period hybrid fund and huitianfu stable Huiying one-year holding hybrid fund also launched early warm-up propaganda.

It is worth mentioning that compared with the previous multi-channel layout adopted by the new funds to expand the issuance scale, some fixed income + products have been deeply bound with banks and become the exclusive customized funds of banks. Take huitianfu stable Huiying one-year holding hybrid fund as an example. The fund is planned to be launched on November 2, and has launched warm-up publicity recently. The trustee and sales agency of the fund are arranged in Huaxia Bank, becoming the exclusive customized fund of Huaxia Bank.

The reporter learned that the fixed income plus fund is selling well in the bank channel. Some banks attach great importance to the issuance as a substitute for bank financial management, and the fund-raising scale of fixed income + products in a single bank has reached the level of 10 billion. The 6-month holding period hybrid fund, which was launched on October 10, raised 14.56 billion yuan in only three days.

According to a fund manager in South China, large and medium-sized companies have set up a fixed income + fund earlier, have a good medium and long-term investment performance record, and have a good investment experience, which can be recognized by banks. At the same time, the current net value transformation trend of bank financial products is obvious, and the bank channel is willing to promote excellent fixed income + fund products as a substitute for bank financial management.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NBJ9607