We should strengthen investment in science and technology! Jingdong Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui: we will always be Party B

 We should strengthen investment in science and technology! Jingdong Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui: we will always be Party B

Wang Zhenhui announced at the meeting that JDL Jingdong Logistics Technology brand JDL logistics technology was officially released. JDL logistics technology adheres to the brand concept of controlling complexity with simplicity, and creates digital, intelligent, software and hardware integrated supply chain logistics technology products and solutions through the organic combination of innovative technology and multiple scenes. This has become another milestone event of JDL Jingdong Logistics to create the second growth curve through technology after technology driving was written into the three core development strategies of JDL Jingdong Logistics at the beginning of this year.

He said that in terms of technology opening up, Jingdong yuncang will realize the full coverage of all districts and counties in the country within three years, realize centralized management of low-frequency commodities, front-end management of high-frequency commodities, and consignment of products of origin. In the fast consumer, electronic, energy, industrial products, automotive and other industries, through the supply chain technology solutions, enabling the industry and improving efficiency.

Wang Zhenhui stressed the Party B mentality of JDL Jingdong Logistics, JDL Jingdong Logistics always regards itself as Party B, leaving the complexity and difficulties to itself, and handing the simplicity and convenience to customers. Through simple and extreme logistics technology products, it can solve the complex logistics supply chain problems in different industries and improve the circulation efficiency.

Wang Zhenhui said that 2020 is an extraordinary year. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has fully demonstrated the infrastructure, supply chain and technical capabilities accumulated by JDL Jingdong Logistics over the past ten years. At the same time, the continuous application of technological innovation and the introduction of new macro policies have provided new impetus for the development of JDL Jingdong Logistics. Under the great challenge of global industrial chain and supply chain pattern, the state proposes to cultivate and strengthen modern logistics enterprises with international competitiveness. JDL Jingdong Logisticss ultimate dream of becoming the worlds leading logistics supply chain enterprise is highly consistent with this strategy.

He said that to become the worlds leading logistics supply chain enterprise and help implement the national strategy, the core lies in openness and technology.

There are five types of unmanned distribution vehicles put into operation in Changshu, which can meet the distribution needs of different scenarios. Among them, the largest one has a cargo space of 2 cubic meters, which can deliver more than 500 orders in a single departure. JDL Jingdong Logistics also created the adoption plan for unmanned distribution vehicles. In the area where the unmanned distribution city is located, JDL Jingdong Logistics distribution personnel can adopt a certain number of unmanned distribution vehicles to cooperate with their work through application.

Wang Zhenhui said that JDL Jingdong Logistics will continue to strengthen the investment in logistics science and technology. In terms of technology application, the number of robots to be used in the next five years will exceed 100000, helping Changshu to build the worlds first unmanned distribution city. (an orange)