The last winter training for the Olympic Games

 The last winter training for the Olympic Games

On the morning of October 18, outside the comprehensive Hall of the national training base of Beijing Sports University, the Chinese track and field team conducted a military training report performance in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games. With a neat pace, the flag square team composed of high jumper Wang Yu, long jumper Huang Changzhou, hurdler Zeng Jianhang and other athletes passed the rostrum in turn. The end of military discipline training also means that the last winter training in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games begins today. Yu Hongchen, vice president of China Track and Field Association, said.

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the hovering of the target window period, and the drastic changes of the competition calendar at home and abroad make the athletes transit from the previous years winter training to the following winter training without sufficient and sufficient formal competitions. The energy accumulated by Chinese track and field athletes will be released in the competition next year.

The suspension of the event has broken the long-standing pattern of training with competition and promoting training with competition

The sudden epidemic not only delayed the Tokyo Olympic Games for one year, but also had a great impact on the competition arrangement of track and field events throughout the year. The world indoor track and Field Championships, originally scheduled to be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, in March this year, will be held in 2021. The diamond league schedule of this season will also be shrunk. At the same time, the original national competition plan of 94 matches was finally determined to be 4, and the training and preparation plan of athletes was also changed accordingly.

The biggest impact of this years preparations is the suspension of events. In September, Tian Xiaojun, vice chairman of the China Track and Field Association, said in his introduction of the preparations for the war that the mode of training by competition and training by competition, which has been insisted for a long time, has been broken. In recent years, the opportunities for Chinese athletes to compete abroad, especially to participate in international high-level events, have played an irreplaceable role in improving the level of athletes. Among them, Gong Lijiao won the womens shot put champion in the Diamond League final, Su Bingtian broke into the mens 100 meter 10 second mark many times, and Xie Zhenye set the Asian record of mens 200m, which were all achieved in foreign competitions.

Tian Xiaojun said that in order to create an atmosphere for preparation training as much as possible and better stimulate the enthusiasm of team training, the China Association of rural areas also encourages all national teams to take event groups as a unit, break up the whole into parts, and carry out small-scale and diversified competitions within the national team, training bases, provinces, autonomous regions and cities nearby. By the end of August, 38 base games and communication competitions had been held in China. Among them, Gong Lijiao threw 20.14 meters in womens shot put, and he Yuhong, a young player in mens 100 meter event, ran 10.18 seconds. Its not easy to do that without competition. Tian Xiaojun said.

The national team players adjusted their training arrangements, and the association of rural areas also formulated targeted preparation plans

Among the four national track and field events held this year, the national track and Field Championship held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province from September 15 to 18 is the largest. However, due to the winter training which will be put into reserve energy soon after the competition, many national team players did not deliberately adjust their state for this competition. Therefore, although there are many famous players, they have not created too many brilliant achievements.

Of course, there are still some brilliant results in the championship. In the mens long jump event held in Shangyu Stadium on September 15, Wang Jianan and Huang Changzhou won the first and second place respectively. The achievements of 8.36 meters and 8.33 meters are also the top two achievements in the world this year. In the same competition, two people jump more than 8.30 meters, which is extremely rare in domestic competitions.

In the whole championship, Huang Changzhous performance is commendable. His six attempts in the final were all over 8 meters, of which 5 times were over 8 meters 20 meters, showing strong stability. Huang Changzhou revealed after the game that it was due to the new coachs training methods. Since last year, Huang Changzhou has been instructed by Spanish coach Pedro Rosso, and the extension of the Tokyo Olympic Games has also given them more running in time.

Affected by various factors, there are not a few national team players who adjust the training arrangement during the preparation period of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Tian Xiaojun said that according to the situation in different periods, the Chinese Association of rural areas quickly formulated targeted training plans to ensure that the impact of factors such as the postponement of the Olympic Games on the preparation for the war was minimized.

At present, 49 athletes have been qualified for 23 track and field events in Tokyo Olympic Games

In April this year, the IAAF hovered over the window period for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Up to now, 49 athletes of Chinas national track and field team have been qualified for 23 track and field events in Tokyo Olympic Games. In addition, in the mens javelin and mens pole vault, there are still nearly 10 athletes who are expected to win Olympic tickets through world ranking points. The first phase of the Tokyo Olympic Games has been basically completed, with the number of participants surpassing that of the Rio Olympics. Tian Xiaojun said.

In order to continue to pursue the medal and even gold medal surpassing, Chinas track and field first needs to continue to ensure the superiority in womens shot put and womens 20km race walking. This year, Valerie Adams, the world champion of womens shot put, has confirmed her return to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games. During the time when Adams was away from the field, Gong Lijiao won the world championships in 2017 and 2019. In order to fulfill her long cherished dream of winning gold in the Olympic Games, Gong Lijiao must defeat this powerful opponent. In an interview, Gong Lijiao said that she was also paying attention to the opponents dynamics and was confident of winning in the Tokyo Olympic Games. In contrast, Liu Hong and other female race walking athletes are facing relatively small challenges.

Next year, in addition to the Olympic Games, according to the current plan, there will also be a number of top events such as the indoor World Championships, Asian Championships, Diamond League and intercontinental tour. The energy accumulated by Chinese track and field athletes will be widely used.

Peoples daily (15th edition, October 22, 2020)

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