How wonderful! God will save the Red Army with the ultimate barb. Can he replace Van Dyke perfectly?

 How wonderful! God will save the Red Army with the ultimate barb. Can he replace Van Dyke perfectly?

When looking at the starting line-up, some red army fans were worried about fabinhos condition, but it turned out that they were thinking too much. At the beginning of the game, fabinho was calm enough to be able to hold a pass and not to open. In this game, fabinhos most brilliant moment occurred in the 43rd minute of the first half, when Tadics single knife cross shot, the ball passed the goalkeeper and was about to cross the goal line. At this time, a black figure killed

The black figure is fabinho. He catches up in time and kicks the ball out of the goal line as soon as the ball is about to cross the line. If Ajax equalized before the end of the half, they were likely to go all out to reverse the score in the second half. From this point of view, fabinhos rescue is really crucial. After he broke the siege against the weather, his teammates also came forward to congratulate him.

In the whole game, fabinho made 9 attempts to clear the encirclement, 4 intercepts, 2 blocking attempts, 4 steals (2 successes) and 4 attempts to compete for the top (3 wins). In addition, he had 14 confrontations (10 on the ground, 4 in the air), 4 in the right to return the ball, and 75 touch the ball, which was absolutely omnipotent. After the game, he also got the highest score of 8.7 points and was elected the player of the game. When Van Dyke came back, fabinho was already a world one back, laughs Liverpool fans

In Monaco and the club, fabinho is basically playing in the back half position. However, the Brazilian is fully capable of playing in the centre half. Last season, when Liverpools back line suffered injury crisis, fabinho had saved fire in the position of centre back. In fact, fabinho started playing as a defender. In the current Brazilian national team, he is also positioned as a defender. Combined with the performance of this game, klopp can boldly let fabinho continue to play the first central back.

This is the 350th club game of fabinhos career, of which 88 were completed at Liverpool. Klopp was very pleased with fabinhos performance today: hes great, but I think he can do better. Fabinho can play in the centre back position and he likes it very much. He doesnt seem to like playing full back Milner also said: fabinho is a top player, top players can always play different positions, he did.