Last night, I spent 10000 in Li Jiaqis studio

 Last night, I spent 10000 in Li Jiaqis studio

Ten seconds before the start of the live broadcast, Li Jiaqi and everyone Countdown: the last ten seconds! 10,9,8...3,2,1uff01 Come on

01 this seemingly ordinary live countdown is actually the countdown of you have no money.

02 to know that the original countdown is not necessarily a new year, but also may be spending money.

Hundreds of millions of people are queuing up to spend their money. If they cant spend it, they still beat their chest.

After counting down the meeting at 0:04, some people were as excited as if they had succeeded in bidding for the Olympic Games.

There are still many people who almost want to continue to shout Happy New Year! Yes.

During the live broadcast, Jiaqi kindly provided wake-up service for all the sisters: I really cant sleep tonight. I cant sleep this night. I cant sleep for hundreds of yuan.

Its true that you cant sleep for hundreds of yuan, but if you dont sleep, you wont be home tomorrow.

No one can stop a worker from sleeping, but Li Jiaqis live broadcast can.

He yelled, cant sleep! The whole soul of the workers has been baptized.

All of you who watched the live broadcast said that they had never listened to a man like this.

He was also the first man who was willing to stay up at two oclock.

Li Jiaqi, who plays gongs and drums in the studio, is known as suona on earth..

Li Jiaqi is like a invigilator teacher, and gongs and drums are his opening bell.

02 student party says in succession: Li Jiaqi should be my online teacher.

03 King pesticide enthusiasts agree: he is the strongest mage, gongs and drums skills, can firmly control people.

An outsider said: if you want to watch the video broadcast, its not important whether youre being planted grass or not. Its mainly about the ringing of bells and gongs.

In the middle of the night, the mother who heard the sound of gongs and drums in her dream asked, what are you doing?

Some unknown and ignorant netizens called him the strongest worker..

Li Jiaqi is said to be the strongest worker, but others work for themselves. When you get up at 2 oclock and go to work at 7 oclock the next day, you are the real strongest worker.

02 those who switch back and forth between Li Jiaqi and Weiya should be called the most messy wall grass because they dont get anything in the end. Look! This is the end of the wall grass.

According to unofficial forecasts, at least two million people have been lonely and have no share of what they want. So lets name them the most enduring runner of all time..

There are also people who have a 2m * 2m bed at home, but they say to Li Jiaqi, dont sleep! Buy it He nodded wildly and consciously pressed the 1.8m * 2m mattress, and won the honor of brainless single machine.

05 for those bald girls who stay up late to buy night cream in the studio, it is suggested that they form a group in situ, and the name of the group is Xi Ming maiden 101. Is there any objection?

There are many bright spots in the live broadcasting room, and of course, the deterrent power is also very strong.

If the songwriter Chen Xi also watched Li Jiaqis live broadcast, I guess she would be able to write where is the time 2.0 for Wang Zhengliang in the near future: where is the time? Its 2:00 before I can pay.

According to a conservative estimate, Li Jiaqi has entered the dreams of 100000 girls after the live broadcast.

03 credit card customer service overnight: Hello, madam, is your credit card stolen and swiped?

04.1 billion workers asked the state to set double 11 as a legal holiday.

From today on, we greet each other no longer good morning, employees, but good morning, people to pay the balance!

People who went to bed before 12 oclock last night suggested that people should spend rationally and have a firm foothold in the East does not buy.

After watching the live broadcast, the fashion youth editorial department asked why there are 160 million people who stay up late to watch the live broadcast, but cant 60 million people give us some [watching]?

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