Suddenly! The US State Council approved three arms sales to Taiwan, and the Taiwan authorities immediately confirmed

 Suddenly! The US State Council approved three arms sales to Taiwan, and the Taiwan authorities immediately confirmed

According to Taiwans Central News Agency, Sanli news network and other Taiwan media reports, the US government announced three arms sales cases to Taiwan at one time, including the Haima Si high mobility rocket launcher system, the defense area Precision Strike Missile slam-er, and the F-16 fighter new Reconnaissance Pod, with a total value of about 1.813 billion US dollars. However, the MQ-9 UAV and shore mounted harpoon anti-ship missile (CDCM) previously reported by foreign media are not included in this sales list. This is the eighth arms sale to Taiwan by US President trump since taking office.

Arms sales to Taiwan have become a common tactic in the US presidential election (source: original)

Taiwans Defense Department confirmed that the US military HIMARS will be sold to Taiwan soon. Source: Sanli news

This morning, Taiwans Defense Department said in response that the US continued to provide Taiwans defensive weapons based on the Taiwan Relations Act and the six guarantees is the basis for maintaining regional stability. Taiwans Defense Department also declared that the arms and equipment sold by the United States to Taiwan this time will help Taiwan to build up its self-defense capability and strengthen its asymmetric combat power development, and the Ministry of defense expresses its sincere gratitude.

On October 13, in response to news that the US State Council has approved the sale of three sets of weapons and equipment to Taiwan, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs that the US arms sales to Taiwan seriously violate the one China principle and the three Sino US joint communiques, especially the provisions of the August 17 communique, seriously interfere in Chinas internal affairs and seriously damage Chinas sovereignty and security interests Benefit. China firmly opposes this.

Zhao Li insisted that China urges the US side to fully recognize the serious harm of the US arms sales to Taiwan issue, abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, immediately cancel any arms sales plan to Taiwan, and stop arms sales to Taiwan and military ties between the United States and Taiwan. China will respond appropriately and necessarily according to the development of the situation.

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The most sensitive weapon sold by the United States to Taiwan, the extended range missile, is claimed by the green media to be launched outside the PLA Air Defense Network

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Russian media: Trumps latest arms sales to Taiwan may trigger war, which is only one Mars away from the war (source: original)

On the 21st, the U.S. government conducted a notification to Congress procedure on three arms sales cases to Taiwan, including the hippocampus system, which is expected to take effect in one month. Among them, the most sensitive one is 135 agm-84h (slam-er) extended by harpoon missile air launched version.

Previously, Taiwan media reported that the extended range land attack missile not only can carry out attack tasks from a long distance, but also has a receiving antenna which can eliminate interference sources, so as to achieve anti-jamming and high-precision navigation capability. In addition, the weapon data link network (wdln) is integrated in the control system, which can supplement the deficiency of the Taiwan Armys Cross horizon reconnaissance and search capability. However, the missile has no tracking characteristics, so its penetration is poor.

Comprehensive reports from Taiwan media

Taiwan expert: U.S. presidential election is over

Recently, the South China Morning Post disclosed that the mainland is stepping up its combat readiness in the southeast coastal areas, including the deployment of upgraded dongfeng-17 missiles, etc., while the peoples daily rarely published dont say that you dont know what youre saying, which has aroused outside discussion.

First of all, the outside world confused the routine actions and targeted actions in mainland Chinas military security actions, thus resulting in over interpretation and worry. The return of the military charter flights in Rudongs Sha Tai islands seems to be based on the two interpretations of Taiwan and Hong Kong. If the routine flights to Dongsha in Xiaogang on the 22nd are back to normal, the last one can be regarded as a special case, otherwise serious discussion is needed.

Even the most worried us has stepped on the brakes. Secretary Pompeio has repeatedly indicated that the US side recognizes that Taiwan is a Sino US conflict and does not want to start fighting with Taiwan on the Chinese mainland. Although American scholars have debated whether the Taiwan policy should be kept vague, it is a consensus of both sides to avoid the United States getting involved in the Taiwan Strait war.

Another consideration is based on the fact that the United States may encounter a more treacherous 80 days of terror after the general election. Judging from the current election situation, the United States may fall into a chaotic detention period from the election day on November 3 to the inauguration day on January 20 next year. If Biden wins, trump will never give up, and the move before leaving office will be even more difficult to predict. If trump is re elected, he will advocate the effectiveness of Anti China card and make the US friends and Taiwan forces more excited. Sichuan Cai telephone has written a surprise 4 years ago. Is there any new plot this year?

Under the above circumstances, Beijing may think that no matter who wins the US election, the Sino US relations, the situation in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea from the election to the inauguration are still full of risks, which is the most important reason why the mainland is waiting in the southeast coast.

(the author is Su Yonglin, a researcher at the Taiwan think tank. This article is published in Taiwans China times.)

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US State Department approves sale of three weapons to Taiwan