Kwai Chuan fastest came to Hongkong in November and Tencent became the biggest winner.

 Kwai Chuan fastest came to Hongkong in November and Tencent became the biggest winner.

A well-known fast lawyer management and a well-known lawyer who provided services for the relevant brokerages confirmed the authenticity of the news with Lu Jiu finance. Subsequently, Lu Jiu and Kwai Tongs Kwai Tong public relations department confirmed the case, but the other side did not deny this, but said that they knew nothing about it at the moment.

Kwai Kong Tencent is the biggest winner.

Kwai Kwai completed F round of financing in December last year, at a market value of US $28 billion 600 million, with nearly US $3 billion in financing and 2 billion US dollars in Tencent, which accounted for 20% of the total shares of Kwai Chung. In September this year, we launched a quick start of Pre-IPO round financing, and Tencent again Kwai Tai to consolidate its position as a major shareholder. It is said that the valuation of this round of financing quick hands is over 30 billion dollars. However, the news was not followed, and the Kwai Tong public relations department also said that it had not spread the round of financing.

No doubt, Tencent will be the biggest winner when the Kwai is listed.

Tencent itself in the short video this piece, has been working hard, whether it is before the failure of micro vision or now the video number, Tencent has never given up.

Unfortunately, Tencent is short of video and heavy bet Kwai Fu. It also shows that Tencent has already prepared for both hands. Tiktok, or Kwai, must not be thought of as a single enemy.

At present, the media and agencies have a valuation of $50 billion after the launch of the Kwai Chung listing. Tencent has obviously made a full pot.

Of course, Tencent tiktok should also thank. Kwai tiktoks valuation is related to the rise of the sound. The valuation of unlisted companies has been a big problem in VC and PE circles. And the value of the target is estimated to be 140 billion US bytes, and the Kwai Fu obviously has a big advantage. Tiktok and jitter have become the only two Kwai in short video.

Kwai Kwai, however, has been a fast track shareholder. But Tencent has never seen a fast hand as a pro son. Even the dry sons are not counted. The resources are very limited, which is a world of difference compared with the other Jingdong invested company.

This opportunity has been placed in front of Baidu

Heres a grapevine for you to listen to just for entertainment. Kwai Kwai, a former executive of Baidu, said Baidu had once been an opportunity to continue to boost its Kwai Fu as an early investor of the fast track, and the price of its fast hand was not high at that time, and Baidu was not so miserable at that time.

But unfortunately, Ma Dongmin, who had deeply participated in Baidu investment, cannot read Kwais business quickly. She refused to invest directly, and wasted the opportunity to occupy the short video track. Finally, the Tencent was copied by the Tencent later. Public information shows that Baidu is entering Kwai C, and Tencent is D. In the D round of financing, baidu had the priority of investment, but Baidu gave up the initiative. On the contrary, Tencent not only entered the D round, but also made decisive bets in each round of financing in the future, so as to stabilize its position as a strategic shareholder.

High streets and back lanes are Kwai Chung, and regret past doings, and Baidu is still very hard to test its own live broadcast business.

Kwai Kwai, however, was really stumbling along. It was not commercialized at the beginning. The two bosses were very Buddhist. After that, the pace of the fast tiktok was quicker.

There is also a saying: maybe all investors like to see people. The bosss wife is afraid that Suhua doesnt have a wolfs nature. She is estimated to be killed by the headlines, so she wont take the money to explore. After all, Baidu at that time has been hit by headlines, so its better to leave more ammunition for your own use.

Tiktok and B station double attack

Most importantly, at present, on this track, B stations, which are also in urgent need of breaking the ring, are grinding in tiktok besides the old opponents jitter. Tiktok Kwai, B station, where is the new user? Its a real headache.

In jeopardy, Kwai is also very vulnerable to the erosion of other users.

Tiktok tiktok Kwai Tun has been working smoothly in the three or four tier city to seize the market. According to the data released by 36 krypton, the coincidence rate of the fast and tremble users reached 46.5% in May 2019, that is to say, the competition of the short video has no longer existed in the rural areas surrounding the cities. The concept of relying on the sinking city to become incremental is outdated.

Tiktok Kwai B station, who is also worried about breaking the circle, is also constantly looking for opportunities to break maps. However, according to Lu Jiu, the main focus of B station is still jitter.

Tiktok Kwai city is everyone look at fiercely as a tiger does not have any money. The B is a big and all short video platform, and the male and female, the young and the rural cities eat it. The B station that occupies most of the Z generation is also eyeing the mainstream market.

Since 2018, the speed of video business has slowed down in another year.

According to questmobiles 2018 short video industry insight report, from April 2018, the growth of short video industry users slowed down significantly, with a net increase of nearly 100 million users in the first half of the year, but only 13 million active users were increased in the third quarter. In January 2017, the total Mau of the industry was 203 million, which soared to 414 million in December 2017, doubling. However, by July 2018, Mau was only 506 million Its barely growing.

Perhaps this is the reason behind Kwai rushs listing.

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