Sui Wenjing and Han Congzhi are defending their championship

 Sui Wenjing and Han Congzhi are defending their championship

At the end of September, the International Skating Federation confirmed that the final of the flower skating Grand Prix held in Beijing at the end of September was postponed or postponed. Then, on October 14 and 19, the International Skating Federation cancelled the Canadian and French Grand Prix. At present, only four of the six grand prix events are left in the United States, China, Russia and Japan.

According to the requirements of ISF, the domestic athletes of the host country are the main players in the sub events. All the entries announced in the China Cup yesterday are also domestic players. A group of young players have been given a valuable opportunity to appear in the international A-level competition, which will be held in Chongqing from November 6 to 8.

The operation was very successful and the recovery was good. I have completed all the technical movements in training, and now I am catching up a little bit. Recently, Han Cong has been training with the national team in Shougang. The first race of the season is a new beginning and challenge for us. We will prepare for the game as much as possible.

For mens singles, except Jin Boyang and Yan Han, the other four players are Zhang He, Chen Yudong, Peng Zhiming and Xu Juwen. Jin Boyang said that during the epidemic period, physical training has been strengthened, and the completion of technical movements has been greatly improved. He is also looking forward to the performance of this China Cup.

There are only five women in the womens singles, including Chen Hongyi, Zhang Siyang, Jin Minzhi, Li Anqi and Zheng Lu. Zhu Yi, a Chinese athlete trained in the United States, has signed up for the Canadian race, but will not participate in the world series this year because of the cancellation of the Canadian station.

The five pairs of ice dance are Wang Shiyue / Liu Xinyu, Chen Hong / sun Zhuoming, Guo Yuzhu / Zhao pengkun, Ning Wanqi / Wang Chao and Lin Yufei / Gao Zijian.

Source: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NB12651