The exposure of black curtain of 4S shop maintenance

 The exposure of black curtain of 4S shop maintenance

With the cold in the auto sales market, more and more dealers choose to make an article and seek profits in financial services and after-sales maintenance, which also leads to cheating incidents such as shoddy goods for good and fraud Su Hui, executive vice president of tangible automobile market branch of China Automobile Circulation Association, said in an interview.

As sales are hindered, dealers will make an article on after-sales maintenance. Data source: Liu Guomei, China Automobile Circulation Association

According to the reporters understanding, when the vehicle is in danger, the insurance company will increase the insurance cost according to the actual claim amount. This means that users will still pay for the water tank framework in the video, which is revenue generating for 4S stores. At the same time, the depreciation cost caused by the replacement of key parts in the video will be borne by the user finally.

It does exist. Liu Fei told the daily economic news that he had heard of the above-mentioned fraudulent insurance operation in his 18 years of employment. On the one hand, 4S shops can earn extra costs by replacing parts; on the other hand, maintenance personnel can also get more labor costs during the installation process. Liu Fei told reporters that this entrapment move requires multi-party cooperation to complete, and some 4S stores often choose to ignore because of the interest chain relationship.

In addition to intercepting excessive oil and increasing maintenance items, some 4S store employees also have the situation of stealing user accessories. Liu Fei revealed to reporters, some maintenance workers did not install the new parts on the users car after taking the parts, but chose to sell them privately to earn profits. Most of the bullying behavior exposed in the video does exist in some 4S stores.

Disorder or lack of income

As long as you do this, no one is clean. In the video maintenance personnels words, completely ignited Liu Feis anger. We can only say that the quality of employees needs to be improved! Liu Fei said that due to the harsh environment of the auto repair industry and the relatively high technical requirements, the talent gap in the auto repair industry has become increasingly large in recent years.

According to the data of China research network, the gap of middle and senior technical personnel in automobile maintenance in China will reach 2.5 million this year. The repair industry has not earned much, and has suffered a lot, and there are not many people who can persist. In Liu Feis view, the mixed fish and dragon of the practitioners and the immature training system are also one of the important reasons for the industry chaos.

Through the reporters understanding, the low rate of return of relevant employees may provide a favorable soil for the breeding of hidden rules in the industry. In the video, a maintenance personnel once said that the main reason why they usually adopt the method of only replacing and not repairing when encountering faults is the income problem. Change parts at least (earn) 500 yuan, repair car can only earn 10 yuan, if repair is not good, there will be no income. The repairman said in the video. And another maintenance personnel also said in the video, how to make more money, how to do..

The phenomenon of cheating on customers such as shoddy goods and fraud is not prominent when the market is booming. However, as the overall market declines and new car sales are hindered, some dealers choose to do something and seek profits in financial services, after-sales maintenance, etc Su Hui said.

In this regard, Liu Fei told reporters, it is not enough to support the overall expenses of 4S stores only relying on the rebate of main engine plants, especially for the 4S stores which mainly focus on medium and low-end models. The after-sales maintenance project has not only become the main profit contribution point of 4S stores, but also caused some staff members to have a crooked mind to earn extra working hours by means of false increase of items and false maintenance.

Supervision needs to be strengthened

In the whole process of accepting the reporters interview, Liu Fei said the word black sheep more than ten times. There are good people and bad people in any industry, but when it comes to 4S stores, the curse is always surprisingly consistent. Liu Fei believes that accepting social supervision is a necessary step for the industry to move towards standardization, but the guidance of public opinion is also crucial to the development of the industry. Its too much to do now. Liu Fei said with a bitter smile.

In Liu Feis opinion, most consumers have placed the 4S store on the opposite side in their heart and can not trust the service provided by the 4S store. After this, I dont know what its going to be like. Liu Fei admitted that with the continuous fermentation of the incident, the whole industry would be affected, which would be unfair to the vast majority of conscientious 4S stores.

It is imperative to strengthen supervision and strengthen supervision means. Su Hui told the daily economic news that the downturn in the domestic auto market has made many OEMs and dealers relax their supervision of service quality. In addition, although the Three Guarantees and other policies to protect the rights and interests of consumers have been introduced for many years, the supervision and supervision measures of relevant departments still need to be improved.