Do men mind if their partner masturbates secretly? I interviewed 100 men

 Do men mind if their partner masturbates secretly? I interviewed 100 men

In view of this problem, the studio interviewed nearly 100 men before and after this time. Lets see what they think


@AMI 26 year old fitness coach coordinates Liaoning

Ive been talking to her for nearly two years. Theres nothing wrong with other aspects, but the sex life has not been very harmonious.

I dont know what the specific problem is. Anyway, I dont think she is very interested.

At first I thought she was just a little cold and didnt think much about it.

Until one night I wanted to touch her again and she pushed me away as usual.

I couldnt sleep, but I didnt speak. She might think I was asleep.

Then I found that her body had been shaking slightly.

Just found that she was secretly masturbating, she put my hand away and turned over my body.

Later, I spent several nights pretending to sleep and found that she often masturbated herself while I was asleep.

She can enjoy herself so much, and when she wants to do it with me, she seems to be executed.

I am inexplicably angry, since they are all with me, what does it mean to masturbate secretly?

Does that mean I cant satisfy her? When Im a decoration?

If I dont bring such humiliation, I cant match her fingers.

Im thinking about breaking up recently. I cant accept her.

I also have normal needs. Oh, I dont want to solve them with her hand.

What do I do? Thats funny.


@Liangzi, 29, designer coordinates Chengdu

What do you mind? Masturbation is normal.

And no man ever masturbates, right? Why do you mind women masturbating?

Some sex is with the opposite sex, some can be on their own, but in a different way.

Just like a dish with different tastes, one cant eat only one dish all his life.

As for the secret masturbation, I can understand.

After all, when men and women are together, they will consider each others feelings more or less.

Many people can understand this kind of behavior.

From this point of view, I think its quite warm.


@Kinda 27 years old project management coordinates Shenzhen

Women should be more careful, not everything can be done.

But she is very pure in her usual appearance. She doesnt look like a person who can see such things.

See me appear her whole person is flustered, the other hand still holds the mobile phone, above is those small yellow characters.

Then she admitted to me that she had been masturbating with me for a long time, but it was secretly that she didnt let me know.

I cant forget the expression on her face when she masturbates in my life. Its very lewd.

The most important thing is that she and I usually have sex with each other frequently, and my time is not short. Moreover, judging from her reaction, I can satisfy her by asking myself.

In this case, she still secretly masturbate, I really can not understand, so hungry?

In case I dont get better with my age, is it possible for her to cheat?

The more I think about it, the more I feel hair in my heart. I really cant resist the strong sexual desire.

So, I broke up with her later.

As for whether she masturbates because of her strong sexual desire or because she thinks I cant satisfy her at ordinary times, I dont want to investigate.

Because I cant take either.


@Anonymous 33 year old hotel owner coordinates Zhangjiajie

I dont mind. On the contrary, I will support her.

My wife and I have been in love for more than ten years. Its our first love.

But a few years ago, I had a disease in which the drug caused uncontrollable degeneration and dysfunction of sexual function.

After that, I couldnt satisfy her sexually.

Although she has never said or complained, I know myself.

I told her earlier, let her buy some toys or something, and it wont hurt too much.

However, she was always very embarrassed when she passed away.

In fact, I am very guilty in this respect, and I feel particularly incompetent.

No, at the end of the year, I found out that she would masturbate secretly, because I found some toys in the small corner of the room.

Speaking of speaking, I am very happy, because I have lightened a lot of burden in my heart.

And she masturbates this matter I feel very normal, normal physiology demand everybody has, since I cant satisfy her, that she masturbates also is not to blame.


@7474 female30 year old teacher coordinates Ningbo

I dont mind masturbating, but secretly speaking is another thing.

Because I think the most important thing for two people to be together is to be honest.

If you have any problems, talk about them, and then see if there are any solutions.

Take my ex girlfriend for example. She masturbates secretly from me.

In fact, Im not such a selfish person. If she thinks Im not satisfied with what Im doing in bed, shell just say it.

Its my problem, and Ill try to correct it, but she never said it.

Every time I feel discordant, I ask her about this, and she never mentioned it to me.

However, it was found that I was always secretly masturbating behind my back.

To tell you the truth, its tiring to get along like this. Im not a worm in her stomach. Its impossible to know what shes thinking.

So later, I just broke up with her.


@Huang sir27 year old civil servant coordinates Fuzhou

I dont mind, because Im a bit of a maverick at this point.

I especially like to watch my girlfriend masturbate, the kind of mental stimulation that cant be described by words.

Because a lot of girls in bed will not be so open, may not be so real.

Either its stiff, or theres a lot of acting.

Only when masturbating, can we be closest to the most real state.

In the first half year of my relationship with my girlfriend, I asked her if she had masturbated, and she said no.

But my intuition tells me that she must have, because when she does it with me, she will do it by herself.

Sure enough, it wasnt long before I found her masturbating secretly.

But up to now, I havent broken through her. Occasionally Ill look at her secretly.

I hope she doesnt find out that I know about it, or she may hide from me in the future.


I want to talk to you about something

In fact, I agree with one of the interviewees that masturbation is one of the ways of sex.

Most people choose masturbation, both men and women, probably out of the pursuit of different experiences.

If you cant satisfy the other half secretly, masturbate.

Then I suggest that you choose an acceptable way to have a frank and open talk with the other party.

After all, sex and love are inseparable. For a lifetime, some problems need to be solved as soon as possible.

If your partner masturbates secretly, and you really mind.

So I still suggest that you can put forward your own doubts directly to the other party, instead of guessing in your heart, which will eventually lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and contradictions.

After all, there may be a variety of reasons why the other party masturbates secretly.

If you dont ask her or say anything, the gap between two people will be wider and wider sooner or later.

I still say that --

The importance of honesty in a close relationship cannot be ignored.

Lets share with you.