When Ive been out for six years, Ive bought three houses, and Ive been treating sexually transmitted diseases for two years, Id like to talk to you about it.

 When Ive been out for six years, Ive bought three houses, and Ive been treating sexually transmitted diseases for two years, Id like to talk to you about it.

The following is the narration of the readers, and I will sort it out and edit it


In my sophomore year, I came into contact with the peripheral industry.

The man said:

My appearance condition is so good, it should be so wasted, it is a pity that we should learn to use our own advantages to serve and make money for ourselves.

At that time, I didnt think much about it. I just wanted to have a try. It was just like making more money. After all, my living conditions were much worse than those in the same dormitory.

In this way, I muddled into the periphery of this world.

After a period of time, I found that I just ate and drank with others, and I easily made a lot of money by being touched.

Its a lot more than Ill make when Im running around the restaurant with tea and water and watching other peoples faces. Then why dont I choose an industry that makes more money?

When I first entered this industry, I was younger, and I couldnt open it very much. I just ate and drank with others.

Such a small scale of the game, with other girls play are not in the same level, naturally earn a lot less than others.

Later, I felt that it would not work. I couldnt watch the money being earned by them, but I would always take the least. I was not reconciled.

And then I suddenly found that as long as I was willing to go out, some money was really easier to earn than I thought.

When you convince yourself to take this step, the future will become very easy and simple.

I had to do a lot of psychological construction from the beginning when I was touched by men, and then I went to the end

I can have sex with a man without any waves in my heart, and then play with SM, 3P, Shuangfei and so on.

My purpose is to:

With a luxury car and two suites in the city center, the living standard is getting better and better. Some classmates and friends around me say they envy me, and more and more men like me chasing me.

After all, a young girl of mine had her own house and car. She was so independent that she didnt have to rely on men.

But thats what people do. If they earn more, they want to earn more.

Sometimes I want to stop to pull myself out, but I cant hold myself, and its hard to pull myself out of it.

In the sixth year when I was outside, I had already bought the third suite. When I thought my generation didnt have to worry, reality came to me with a price.

In the past, people always said that they would pay back sooner or later.

At that time, I just felt that those losers who had a bad time would say it.

After all, it doesnt matter what he or she has done before. No one will say anything to him, only flattery.


Finally, I was diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases, ah.

What I got was a serious venereal disease. After 2 years of treatment, I still havent recovered completely. Sometimes I will relapse.

If a woman has got a sexually transmitted disease, he must not continue to do so.

I dont want to do other jobs and I cant do them, but fortunately I still have money and Im not too sad.

Once I was bored and drunk, I told a friend I thought I had a good relationship with venereal diseases and other things.

Sure enough, there is no airtight wall in this world.

Soon, she spread the news about me. People all over the world knew that I used to work in the periphery. How did my house and car come from.

Some people sent wechat to laugh at me openly and secretly;

Someone called me to scold me, saying that he had contact with me at the beginning. If TA had any problems, he would not let me go. If he knew that I was such a person, he would never have contact with me;

There are also direct friends, or the kind of name.


Its like that you were so high and powerful that people around you envied you and looked up at you. Suddenly, someone else knew or grasped your handle, and then you would become the target of public criticism.

The most annoying person when you fall

It is better to have looked up to those who flattered you, but in turn severely kicked you.

I changed my cell phone number, deleted everyone, moved away from where I live now, and went to a new place to start over.

For a while I looked back at my past, thinking that I would cry, sometimes I would cry to be unable to myself.

Why am I exposing myself?

These are obviously very dishonorable things that many people hate or even hate.

The reason why I choose to speak out is that I find that there are really more and more young girls in this field.

They are vain and lazy and do not think of making progress.

They are very big and long and in good shape.

As like as two peas, but I dont want them to be me, its really bad.

After all, those rich men who come out to play never care what kind of interesting soul and good personality of the peripheral women.

He only cares about whether this person looks good or not, and whether he is good enough to suck or not. He can go out and play with him to make him happy.

He can play with the periphery for a period of time. If your appearance is good enough, he can even take care of you. The price will be higher and more attractive, and you will play longer.

Just like a girl on the periphery is not satisfied with money and has no limit on what to do, then the gold owner has no lower limit on his playthings.

And after playing for a long time, you will be tired. No matter how good you look, no matter how good you are, there will be people with better conditions than you. At that time, you will be thrown away by him like garbage.

This may not be the most terrible. The most terrible thing is that there are too many people in the peripheral line of business every day. I dont know when I will be infected with sexually transmitted diseases. This is gambling!

Youre lucky to get a good treatment of STDs. If you dont, your life will be ruined.

Unconsciously wrote so many, should say not to say I also said.

Just hope those girls like me --

Can rein in the precipice, do not become a woman who only thinks about how to depend on men all day long, and do not become the plaything that men have no bottom line.

If you despise yourself so much, how can you ask others to look up to you and respect you at this time?

On your own, you have the confidence.

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Overseas students in South Korea: Uncle pours money into underwear and asks to touch his body

Hello, Im Tian Jing.

There is a girl named Cai Cai. She contacted me and told me about her personal experience of going to Korea to study and accidentally entering the Korean Princess nest.

To my surprise, 30% of the princess industry in South Korea is Chinese students. At first, these girls were cheated, but later they couldnt resist the temptation. They got deeper and deeper and pulled more Chinese students into the water.

In order to escape from the princesss nest, Cai Cai rolled down three stairs

She gave a painful lesson and wanted to share her story.

Studying womens studies in Korea

But they just want to marry themselves out

I cant help it when Im old. If you really want to go, you can go. This school is very well-known, just let you learn, avoid getting married when you have to, temperament is still so wild.

Cai Cai graduated from Beijing University of technology at the age of 22, surrounded by engineering men. She adored Li Yinhe and clamored to go abroad to study womens studies.

To study abroad in South Korea, you should first learn the language for half a semester, and then begin to study postgraduate one. That half year was quite different from Cai Cais imagination. Although there were all girls around, they only wanted to have a friendship.

Friendship in Korean dramas

Is to eat and sing with other school boys, in order to marry out.

It turns out that 80% of the girls who come to study here want to catch a golden tortoise: the boys at the fraternity are very good, some of them are Korean natives. After graduation, they will choose high paying jobs such as doctors and lawyers.

During this time, Cai Cai met his first good friend in Korea, Li Qing.

She is an alumnus of Cai Cai, a native of Northeast China. She studied the rehabilitation of disabled children. Li Qings family is not good. Her money for studying abroad depends on her domestic boyfriends work. She has to work several jobs when studying abroad.

Li Qing is not very tall. But she is gentle and kind. She looks really good, especially like a rehabilitation therapist. All kinds of small details make me feel that she is very intimate

Cai Cai and Li Qing became good friends.

There are a lot of homosexuals in womens universities. Li Qings roommate is Li Qing. Li Qing complains that her roommate will occasionally move around. Cai Cai is worried about her safety and invites Li Qing to move in with her.

Anyway, Cai Cai is rich, and so is his roommate. Li Qing doesnt have to worry about the rent.

After living together, Li Qing often takes Cai Cai to work together. Cai caichun is fun to experience life. Watching Li Qing give people a variety of cosmetics in the cosmetics counter, she thought it was more fun than friendship.

They go to duty-free shops to sell cosmetics, restaurants to work as waiters, factories to do odd jobs, for tour groups to attract guests The average hourly salary is 7000 won, which can be converted to 42 yuan, and occasionally to 60 yuan.

Once she asked me, do you want to work in a Chinese snack street in Anshan? Its OK to make more than one million yuan a year.

I didnt put the money at ease at that time. What I was thinking about was summer vacation. I had to find a place to play.

Anshan is about 50 kilometers away from Seoul. The boundary is very complicated. There is an industrial park and it is said that there are many gangs. But there is also a huge Chinatown.

Aiming at this point, Cai Cai followed Li Qing on the bus to Anshan.

Photos taken by Cai Cai passing by the railway station

I want to work in summer while playing

But one foot into the princess nest

It was 9:30 in the night when I arrived in Anshan. One of the oldest sisters in Northeast China in 1989, named Xiaoyu, looked approachable.

Considering that Cai Cai and Li Qing are already hungry, Xiaoyu takes them to Chinatown and orders her favorite beef noodles.

After eating, Li Qing said that she would go to the night snack shop to work. She would go first. Cai Cai could share a night with sister Xiaoyu: Xiaoyu is very nice. You dont have to go outside. When we go back to work, we have to ask her for help.

Cai Cai said that she understood, and she had been to Anshan to work with Li Qing before, which made her less alert.

She followed Xiaoyu to her residence, and her ID card was taken as a backup. After all, the place where I work needs ID card, I gave it to Xiaoyu without thinking about it. I didnt expect that it would become a tool to blackmail me later.

From that night, Xiaoyu began her brainwashing work for a week: its tiring to work as a temporary worker, and the conditions are not good. There is a kind of work that can easily make a lot of money. 120 yuan an hour. Do you want to try it?

What job? How to make money?

Its just going to KTV as a waiter.

Ordinary KTV attendants cant earn 120 an hour. Before going to South Korea, Cai Cai heard that there was a part-time job called Princess, which was equivalent to a domestic escort.

South Korean nightclub

If its a princess, I dont want to be a princess. I dont want to be a princess. I dont want to be a princess. I come to study.

Xiaoyu began to grind her feet and find someone to stare at Cai Cai, limiting her freedom of movement. Cai Cai ID card did not get hand, and some worry about Li Qings safety, trapped there.

Maybe you can meet a rich boyfriend, a rich second generation or something, just play.

We can also find you the star plastic surgery hospital here. You can become more beautiful without paying for it.

Even use feminism to persuade: dont you study Feminism? As a social survey, maybe you can write a great paper.

There are all kinds of Little Sisters at home to hold parties, and even Xiaoyu has taken Cai Cai to various KTVs. Girls go to work. Cai Cai is locked in the lounge and meditates on life.

South Korea KTV private room

Every day, I went back to different homes and changed my four or five places. Late in the evening, Cai Cai will be followed when he wants to go out in the daytime. Cai Cai is exhausted by his loss.

Finally, Xiaoyu threatened that she had taken photos. Cai Cais ID card had no work permit. She could report to the embassy about illegal work. In this case, Cai Cai would be sent back to China and her graduate studies would be terminated.

Cai Cai was in a quarrel at that time. When she was repatriated, she could not explain to her parents. She was tired and afraid.

With such a fluke mind, Cai Cai compromised: do it. I wont do anything I dont like to do, and no one can force me. After they relax their vigilance, I will try to escape.

Cai Cai didnt realize the seriousness of the problem. As soon as she stayed in the Princess nest, she stayed until the end of the summer vacation.

Guests fill me with wine and stuff my underwear with money

And I want to fly him a plane

The only male in the princesss nest is the groom, who specializes in helping the princess drive. He was the one who watched Cai Cai before, and CAI was afraid of him.

Each batch of princesses will have a groom. In addition to the groom, mother sang is a lot of Chinese, especially miss.

Cai Cais first day on the job, she was blindfolded into a KTV kitchen. Through the kitchen, seven turn eight around, only to come to the real workplace - private room.

In the private room, the princesses were arranged in a row, waiting for the guests to choose.

The princesses waiting to be selected

Girls have to whine and call men older than their father Europa.

Guests fill wine, wipe, hands on the girls private parts, drink a few drinks on their own drunk, pillow on the girls chest

Also asked the princess to help fight the plane, as long as the girl acquiesced, add money can. Mother sang will lead them to another room, and many girls are willing to do so because they can earn more.

There are also guests to Cai Cai request to fly, at this time she pretended not to understand Korean, muddle through.

Cai Cai is good-looking, and his face looks like Pu Chun before. The groom said that her model is very popular in Korea, so he always takes her very seriously.

Pu Chun, member of u25b3 2NE1

But Cai Cais character is not like the type of mixed KTV nightclub. It looks boring compared with other princesses, so she is all old men.

As long as you add more money, the guests can ask the princess to open a room for her to sleep with. Girls are used to it. They even know how to please people and let the guests pay for her all the time.

Once, an old man offered to take Cai Cai out for the night. Cai Cai threw his face on the spot, saying that he would not earn the money. The scene was very ugly.

The other girls in the private room looked at each other and left one after another, with no intention of helping her out.

Another old Chinese man directly asked Cai Cai 2 if he would not go with him for a month. Cai refused and introduced other sisters to him.

There was an uncle who came every day and ordered the same girl to sleep in the private room for two hours without doing anything. At that time, the girl was very close to Cai Cai, so she asked her to get money without drinking.

Cai Cai thought, this is probably because many girls think its nothing to be a princess, and they can meet good people.

Princess in South Korea is translated as flower or Rose.

They will give each princess a flower name, Cai Cais flower name is meaning desire, translated to be Suyuan.

The movie Suyuan tells the story of a little girl being sexually assaulted

The princess started her work in the evening. After dinner at 5 oclock every night, the groom took her to change clothes and make up. Clothing is very ordinary, not particularly exposed, not the uniform temptation of otaku adult film.

Its because of its commonness that this gray area wont attract much attention.

A lot of shows are arranged every night, and weve been dragged around like selling donkeys.

Take out list in princesss Den

Black and white are upside down. I dont know what Im doing. My brain cant work normally. I seldom have the chance to work normally outside in the daytime. Its not a ghost or a human being in those months.

To escape from the princess nest

I rolled down the stairs on the third floor

I wanted to run away, but the groom always looked at me very closely. He might like this look. He always wanted to be ordered by guests, and he never gave up.

Compared with other princesses, Cai Cai is not very active. When someone sits for two hours, she runs away when she is not full in 15 minutes. She cant get money in less than 15 minutes.

The groom often scolds her for her lack of energy. After two weeks, she earned 3000 yuan, and the groom got 7000 yuan. Many princesses can earn 3000 yuan a day, and they can get 5000 yuan if they work hard.

They pay money directly on the road. On the spot, 2-3 cash counting machines count, more arrogant than the bank. A lot of girls keep up with each other. Only Cai Cai doesnt feel about money. She only knows that someone makes a lot of money.

At first, Cai Cai couldnt use her mobile phone frequently. Later, she began to be a princess. Her mother sang and groom felt that she had been in the same boat, so they didnt care if she played with her mobile phone.

Cai Cai has been keeping in touch with two friends, one in the United States and the other in Britain. At first, when they were listening to the strange news, the more they heard, the more wrong they became. They always advised Cai Cai to leave quickly.

To say that its false not to be moved, on the one hand, I dont think the requirements of the guests are too much. If they are too much, Ill beat them to death. On the other hand, you can go to a professional place to do make-up and hair styling...

And the groom really took me to the plastic surgery hospital, and the doctor said Id better have an orthodontic operation. If I had a nose or an eye, I would have been in it

And the guests dont have to tip the groom. Although its not much, Ive spent all my time eating with my sisters who are in the same situation, and Ive developed a true friendship with them in need.

Cai Cais friends cant see it. They start to wash her brain back and remind her that she is about to start school and have to go back. British friends even put it down, if you fall down again, I will despise you.

So Cai Cai tried to contact friends by positioning, but just after the positioning was sent out, he changed places. I want to call the police, but I cant give you the exact location.

In fact, I met the police on KTV inspection, but they were all routine attendance. CAI and Cai hid themselves and did not confront the police at all.

There is a KTV even with the police are good friends, more helpless.

Cai Cai recalled that during that time, he received at least 50 guests, mostly old men.

A friend thought of a trick: why dont you try to sprain? I cant work because my foot is sprained. I have to see a doctor. Otherwise, how can they use you to make money? Then you will find a way to ask for help and see if you can get away.

Cai Cai thought it was reasonable. She didnt think too much about it. She just wanted to do it like a little. So she stood on the third floor of the accommodation building and rolled down.

Forced to drop out of school because of Slut shame

I want to sell li Qing to the wharf again

Rolling down from the third floor, Cai Cais brain was blank and fainted.

I woke up in the hospital. Fortunately, my leg was not broken, but it was badly broken. I had 22 stitches. The doctor pitied Cai Cai. The stitches were very neat. Cai Ma Fu lost a lot of money in the hospital.

The doctor stitched it very carefully without leaving any scar

Cai Cai recuperated and didnt go back to school until the middle of his first year. She did not expect that she was already a celebrity in the school.

She became a promiscuous woman who fished for men outside every day and didnt go home in the middle of the night. These rumors were made by Li Qing, a good friend of Cai Cais school, who suddenly disappeared in Anshan.

Li Qing rumor has it that I sell myself outside under various pretences to make money. They have to comment on everything about me, from my clothes and clothes to my living habits. They also say that I have a sexually transmitted disease.

Unable to withstand the rumors, Cais roommate drove her out.

For Cai Cai, it was a triple blow to her body, life and study.

Cai Cai was deeply disappointed at the womens University where she worked. Why did she acquiesce in a series of slutty humiliations she encountered in internationally renowned schools that claimed to promote equality between men and women?

Actually, its more like a school for womens morality

The truth of the so-called feminism in this girls school is to teach girls how to be a good wife and good mother to serve their husbands and raise their children.

In this school, once the dress is slightly exposed, it is immediately chewed by other girls.

If you are a little fat, you will be deprived of the qualification to speak on the stage, teased by students and ignored by teachers.

Cai Cai chose to drop out of a womens school and applied for an engineering major in another school. She went back to her undergraduate course in information technology.

She thought about whether to report Li Qing, Xiao Yu and the grooms Princess nest, but the key information was oral transactions, and without any substantial evidence, Cai Cai never went to the police.

She went to the Korean Chinese forum for help. The moderator said that such things have happened a lot, and there is no way to report them, so we can only let Chinese students pay more attention to safety.

All things like a runaway locomotive, completely changed the trajectory of Cai Cais life. She chose to heal herself and slowly recover her strength.

Until October of the next year, life was gradually back on track.

Check no persons Li Qing, changed a vest and appeared again. She pretended to care about Cai Cais current situation: how are you recently? Why dont you contact me?

You know it yourself.

Im sorry, I didnt know that Xiaoyu was such a person...

Cai Cai didnt want to get entangled. Li Qing even wanted to invite her to Pusan and go to sea on a yacht.

Delta Hanjiang yacht

Cai Cai was totally desperate, to Li Qing, to the school, to Korea.

Later, she gradually understood: why in Korea, one womans malice towards another can be so great.

Princesss nest under the control of gangs

The policeman turned a blind eye

According to Cai Cai, about 30% of South Korean princesses are Chinese students and 40% are local office workers. These office workers have a decent and normal job during the day and come out to do this part-time job in the evening.

The princess industry in South Korea is essentially a pornographic industry chain.

Once this kind of KTV was legal and opened in the red light district of South Korea. In the year of the Winter Olympics, South Korea banned the red light district. Now its a gray area, and the government is turning a blind eye.

Princess industry is particularly popular in Anshan. If a man wants to go whoring, he will go to Anshan.

Anshan, South Korea

The operation mode of Princess Anshan has already formed its own system

The snake head (mother sang) is responsible for contacting, the groom takes them to receive customers, and the princesses live together and manage them centrally.

Many mothers sang are also Chinese. They were once princesses.

Mother sang pulls girls into the water in various ways. A classic trick is to recruit tenants in the name of aibiying. Many sofas, backpackers and girls who buy on behalf of others have become princesses.

The princess can also bring new people in. The three are closely related, and they can draw commissions from each other.

The big head is earned by the groom and can get 70% of the Commission, because they have the protection of underworld organizations behind them.

If a girl is a princess for one night, she can earn 100000 won, and the girls hand is about 20000 yuan. The groom gets 70000 yuan, and the rest 10000 yuan belongs to her mother sang.

Girls earn a lot, but never as much as a groom.

So many princesses as like as two peas and a girl, and then cheat other girls into the water, which is exactly the same as pyramid schemes.

The Princess ranges from 18 years old (only 19 years old in South Korea) to 50 years old, and the price of a nights sleep is between 600 yuan and 4000 yuan.

In South Korea, women who rape are subject to very severe penalties: if they are raped without the consent of the women, the criminals will be shackled and even chemically castrated.

Chemical castration of rapists in South Korea

So in the Princess industry, guests are not likely to force the princess to have sex. Because of this, Cai Cai has protected himself on this point.

But Cais observation is that 80% of women will voluntarily choose to sleep with their clients because they can earn more money.

In our impression, South Korea is a place where people advocate plastic surgery and pursue money. Its true to some extent.

The proportion of men and women in South Koreas wage structure is seriously unbalanced. If girls do not take shortcuts and rely on honest work to make a better living, they will have to pay more than a thousand times than men.

In the princesss nest, Cai Cai saw most of the girls, because the guests were jealous and even broke their faces. If you stay in this environment for a long time, you will get lost and girls will even keep up with each other.

Girls in Korean nightclubs

On the first day, I may feel very reluctant and feel insulted and molested. Half a month later, on the contrary, the girl began to rob the guests.

Their mentality is: Ill make money while looking for ducks. In this case, of course, we should look for young and good quality ducks. Its such an environment. You can get money quickly and spend money quickly. Plastic surgery, star hunting, and luxury shopping are all around you.

The most important thing is, just like the case of room n and Zhang Ziyan, there are a group of men behind you who control you. You have no way.

Zhang Ziyans suicide

The front and back doors of every KTV the princess went to, including the aisles in the street, were equipped with CCTV and monitors. The police knew exactly where each girl came from and where she eventually went.

But no one has ever been in charge.

Girls trapped in it feel that the big environment can not be changed and there is no way to seek help. It is better to make themselves happy and become a link in the chain of the porn industry.

The Chinese princess who was pulled into the water becomes her mother sang, and then goes to cheat Chinese students, just like Xiaoyu.

Similar to Korean KTV, there are also custom shops in Australia. In some states, prostitution is legalized directly. Sex workers are required to have regular physical examination and meet the physical and psychological indicators before they can work.

Sex workers are protected by law. They hide their identities and license plates. One day, they decide not to do it, and they can start a new life again. Their personal information will not be disclosed.

Such protective measures are not available in South Korea or even in China. Once the wrong into that colorful world, money fast, spend faster, girls are easy to sink, deeper and deeper.

The risks behind the deal are invisible: intoxication, drugging, indecent videos, pregnancy and miscarriage, social identity death, and even life-threatening

Girls like Xiaoyu and Cai Cai think that they can take part-time jobs while studying abroad, but the law cant protect them like Australia. Even if the sentence for rape is heavy, the weakness of human nature will push them into the abyss of desire.

Fortunately, Cai Cai didnt get involved, but she also paid a heavy price.

So girls, remember: stay away from the industry, a little further away.

Oral: Cai Cai

Vision: a green, donkey