The problem of safety belt involves 2 million cars! Toyota, Nissan and others may face recall

 The problem of safety belt involves 2 million cars! Toyota, Nissan and others may face recall

Two million cars in question

According to public information, Junsheng is the largest supplier of seat belts in Japan, with a market share of nearly 40%. Ten Japanese auto companies, including Toyota, Nissan and Honda, have used products of Japanese Junsheng. According to the prediction of Japans Ministry of land and transportation, there may be 9 million seat belts in Japan, involving about 2 million vehicles.

It is understood that Japan is better than in April this year through internal reports found that the problem of data tampering, is currently investigating the product data of the past 20 years. According to media reports, the problem products even include seat belts used in child safety seats.

Japans Junsheng said it had not confirmed any casualties caused by broken seat belts. However, Japans Ministry of land and transportation has asked it to submit an investigation report on violations and product safety as soon as possible, and has informed all car companies to prepare for a large-scale recall.

Japans land and transportation minister said he did not think it would cause problems to continue using these safety belts in the short term, but would find out the truth as soon as possible and take corresponding measures.

Due to the investigation and recall of defective parts, it can not help but remind people of the Takata airbag incident in Japan before this. Up to now, the shadow of takadas air bag has not completely dissipated. So far, more than 100 million vehicles have been recalled due to Takata airbag problem worldwide. Takada applied for bankruptcy in 2017 because of the airbag scandal.

Not only that, not long ago, there were defects in the fuel pump produced by the electric assembly company, the largest Japanese auto parts manufacturer, which affected many Japanese car companies, and triggered a large-scale vehicle recall. A total of about 4.79 million vehicles were recalled by several automobile enterprises, including Honda, Toyota, Subaru, etc.

Industry analysis shows that the negative impact of Takata air bag has not been completely eliminated, and the electric fitting company and Japan Junsheng have successively caused negative news due to product defects, which will have an impact on the brand image of Japanese parts suppliers.

Quite intriguing is that the predecessor of Junsheng is Japan Takata company. In 2017, Takata company declared bankruptcy due to huge debts. In April 2018, Takatas other businesses except airbags were acquired by Junsheng security, a subsidiary of Junsheng electronics, and renamed as Junsheng security systems of Japan.

It is for this reason that after the above news was exposed, the announcement of the electronic release was clarified. According to the current investigation, the above occurred mainly in the period from 2000 to 2010, that is, the factory belongs to the high field company. Junsheng security found the above problems in the process of integration after the acquisition of Gaotian assets. It immediately set up a special investigation committee and started the internal investigation procedure. The investigation covered all the data of nearly 20 years, and compared, analyzed and tested item by item. At the same time, it evaluated all affected products in order to reach a final and complete conclusion, safeguard the interests of customers and protect the terminal use Rights and interests of households.

Junsheng electronics said that according to the current information, it has not found any safety accidents caused by the above matters, and there is no evidence that the above problems will endanger the safety of safety belt products. So far, there have been no comments on the recall. The company will timely fulfill the obligation of information disclosure according to the follow-up progress of the matter.

According to the reporter, Junsheng electronics is the worlds second-largest and Chinas No.1 automotive safety system supplier, with a global market share of about 30%. At the same time, Junsheng electronics has a layout in the fields of automotive electronics and intelligent car service, and its cooperative customers include Tesla, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, etc.

In the first half of this year, the main business of Junsheng Electronics was 14.55 billion yuan, down 39.0% year on year; the auto electronic revenue was 3.321 billion yuan, down 7.6% year on year; the combined revenue of smart vehicles was RMB 1.204 billion, down 24.5% year on year. Cuiyan, a researcher at Huaxi Securities Co., Ltd., believes that the global car market fluctuation caused by the epidemic in the first half of Junsheng electronics affected the overall performance. However, considering the controlled epidemic situation and the gradual recovery of domestic and foreign car market, the second quarter or become the bottom of its performance in the future, the performance of the second half of the year is expected to rise quarterly. According to the above research, Junsheng electronics has continuously increased the resource investment in China, fully participated in the formulation of 5gv2x protocol in China, the development of intelligent network vehicles, new energy vehicle electronic control system and automobile safety standards, and established or upgraded a complete research and development center in China in the above fields, which is closer to Chinese customers and markets. With the company accelerating product layout and market expansion, the competitive advantage of the company in China market will be consolidated continuously. Source: daily economic news by peijianru responsible editor: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

In the first half of this year, in the main business of Junsheng electronics, the revenue of automobile safety was 14.55 billion yuan, down 39.0% year-on-year; the revenue of automobile electronics was 3.021 billion yuan, down 7.6% year-on-year; and the revenue of intelligent vehicle joint venture was 1.204 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 24.5%.

Cui Yan, a researcher at West China Securities Co., Ltd., believes that the global car market fluctuations caused by the epidemic in the first half of the year affected the overall performance of Junsheng electronics. However, considering the controlled epidemic situation and the gradual recovery of domestic and foreign auto markets, the second quarter may become the bottom of its performance for a period of time in the future, and the performance of Junsheng electronics is expected to rise quarter by quarter.