Shanghai Zoo bears bite people to death, video exposure: I dare not watch

 Shanghai Zoo bears bite people to death, video exposure: I dare not watch

The process from dragging people away to biting them to death is actually very short. According to the people on the scene, they died on the spot.

It happened the day before yesterday, but only yesterday the official issued a circular to confirm that it was true and immediately closed the garden for reflection.

Then to last night, the scene of the incident video also exposed, after watching really frightening.

Although it was only a few seconds, I saw a group of bears suddenly running to the place where people had been surrounded by a few bears, tearing up.

This is to be bitten alive! The tourists you see are definitely the psychological shadow of a lifetime!

Many people said that these bears must be killed; others said that they would never go to the wildlife park again.

In the final analysis, the biggest responsibility for this tragedy must be the park.

First of all, in order to make a profit, many zoos will not let the wild animals eat enough. They will starve them so that tourists can spend money to feed the animals. However, they have never thought that it is precisely because the animals are not full that they may choose to eat humans in the end.

In addition, without safety measures, the breeders would contact with the beasts, and they were still beasts. This shows that there are great problems in the training of safety awareness and the implementation of safety measures.

As for the group of biting beasts, to some extent, the act of biting people is unexpected and reasonable.

We should know that the animals in the zoo are confined in a closed environment for a long time. Although this is a wildlife park, it will always distort the nature of animals;

In addition, the beast is always a beast. Even if you keep it in captivity and think you have tamed it, it is always a beast.

It is not so much them that cause great harm to human life, but rather the lack of reverence for nature.


Coincidentally, the tragedy of Shanghai wildlife park is not the first time.

As early as 1999, there was a driver named Xu Weixing in Ueno. He did not choose to wait for rescue because he encountered a driving fault in the park. Instead, he got out of the car and repaired it himself. Finally, he was killed by six tigers.

In 2006, Li Guohua, an elephant keeper in Ueno, was thrown out of the elephants trunk and hit the guardrail when he was treating a sick elephant. Unfortunately, he died.

By 2015, @ World Animal Protection Association had published a paper criticizing Shanghai wildlife park.

Because in those years, Ueno sent out an invitation to the tourists to embrace the little tiger.

The society for the protection of animals believes that this is very dangerous.

Because some tourists feel that they can not only take pictures with the king of the forest tiger, but also touch the tigers buttocks. How impressive!

However, most of the captive tiger cubs are forced to separate from their mothers two to three weeks after birth.

The physical contact between tourists and cubs, close viewing and frequent handling will cause great pressure and harm to them.

Do you think, these beasts seem to be tamed, but can they really wipe out the nature of the beast?

In addition to the Shanghai Wildlife Park, there was a tiger eating incident in Ningbo.

There is also a more ferocious video of a tourist falling into a tiger cage in the zoo.

From the beginning of the tiger looked, until more than ten seconds later, the tiger confirmed that this person can eat.

So, attack directly, pick up the tourist, run to the distance and tear

All of the above illustrate that:

Wild animals belong to nature, and should not be used for tourism and entertainment!

It is very dangerous for human beings to get too close to wild animals. It is not only for personal safety, but also for beasts to be scared out of control and attack human beings!


Animal injuries in zoos have never stopped these years

Why does it happen again and again?

In fact, zoos have always been the most popular tourist attractions for human beings. Human beings satisfy their desire to conquer and curiosity by watching animal performances.

Its not because theyre beaten by sticks and lashes every day. They have to learn to stand on chairs, raise their hands and obey orders.

For example, how does the fierce bear jump rope like a man?

Its because on weekdays, they have to be chained and forced to stand.

Once they learn rope skipping, they will learn more, such as cycling;

Once they learn how to ride bicycles, they are required to learn acrobatics such as balance boards

And the dolphins in the aquarium.

In order to tame them, the keepers never feed them.

Unless they perform well, they can have food. If they dont perform well, they will starve to death.

The dolphins, on the other hand, are very intelligent and hearing sensitive animals.

It has been said that when a dolphin performs in front of you, your applause is a great torment to him.

Thats why the dolphin suicide rate in the aquarium is the highest.

There is a very cruel data: the average life span of dolphins is 45 years, but the average life span of dolphins in the aquarium is only 5 years!

No business, no killing.

Yes, we are just human beings, not gods. We have no right to decide the life and death of other lives.

In recent years, animal injuries in zoos have occurred repeatedly, which can cause attention every year.

In fact, the biggest reason behind it is:

First, human beings never regard animals as life, but as tools for their own profit.

So that all of this, finally from the tragedy of animals, evolved into human tragedy.

Because ignoring the consequences of other lives will eventually bite back on humans themselves.

The keeper who was bitten to death by bears is telling us with blood:

Wild animals and human beings have a boundary, do not play smart, self deception, at any time, should maintain a heart of awe.