This is the story of the Nine Tailed Fox, which is supported by Li Dongxu. Its too routine!

 This is the story of the Nine Tailed Fox, which is supported by Li Dongxu. Its too routine!

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I dont know if its because of the epidemic that the latest American and Korean dramas have become boring, and even show a little routine in the plot setting. For example, the fantasy love drama the legend of the Nine Tailed Fox, which was created by TVN, which has always been known as a high-quality Korean drama, has a strong lineup and production team to support it, but the quality and quality are not so good.

As Li Dongxus Yan Fen, Aidou business naturally needs to support it. Therefore, just after the new meeting of Nine Tailed Fox, I kept chasing after the drama. The first episode, to tell the truth, is quite attractive. It is not only because of Li Dongxus Yan, but also because of the setting of the plot, which has the element of surprise.

In fact, the theme of Jiuwei Fox is not uncommon in Korean dramas, such as my girlfriend is a Jiuwei Fox, Jiuwei Foxs biography, Jiuwei Foxs elder sister biography, etc., but Jiuwei Foxs role has always been a female role. This time, there has been a gender reversal in the Jiuwei fox biography, which makes male characters play the role of Jiuwei fox. Even if the theme is no longer new, it will attract people A few more eyes, together with Li Dongxus charming appearance and lively Jiuwei fox, make this play more attractive.

But even with Li Dongxus appearance and novel settings, it cant change the fact that the play routine. Even some netizens say its plagiarized, some netizens say its melting stem. In fact, its not surprising that netizens question it. After all, its 2020, and the fantasy theme is still playing the past life and this life set. The male Lord saves the female master and erases the memory of the female master is the ghost crew Play with the rest of the stick, and the story of having to work for 600 years in order to accept punishment has also been seen in Hotel De Luna. Now, if you combine these plots, you want to explain that you are not compatible, even the blind will not believe it.

Even if the TV series N won a high audience rating, it did not get a high audience rating.

The story at the beginning of the play is quite strange, and can even be enjoyed as a horror film. On a dark and windy night, a family of three encountered a car accident while driving through a place called Fox slope.

Her daughter, as like as two peas, woke up from the coma and saw her parents in the blood pool, heard footsteps outside the car, and immediately asked for help. When the two people outside the car approached, Zhi Ya found that they were exactly the same as their parents.

Just as Zhiya screams As soon as the painting style changed, Zhiya was at home with her parents around. It seemed that everything just happened was a nightmare. However, when she found that she was still holding the music box that her parents had just sent her, her sleeve was also stained with blood. Only then did she realize that what happened before was not a dream.

So the witty Zhiya lied to eat walnuts and cheated the mother into the kitchen.

When she revealed that she was allergic to walnuts, she stabbed mother with the scissors she got in the kitchen. Sure enough, the parents were not Zhiyas parents. They rushed to Zhiya with grim faces. Fortunately, the man holding the red umbrella rescued her. But the man who saved her erased her memory. When she recovered, she had already appeared at the scene of the accident and the police had arrived Scene

Then 21 years later, Zhiya (Zhao Baoer) has grown up. It is reasonable to say that such strange things happened to her when she was a child, which should be far away from these strange things. However, the fate is amazing. After growing up, Zhiya has become a producer of a TV program called looking for urban legends, and she has to contact with strange talks, ghosts and gods all day long event.

I didnt expect that it was not long before the informant came. The actual identity was Li Yuans half brother Li Lang (Jin Fan). He said that the mysterious man was not old or dead, and was a monster.

Although there are some doubts, but with a try mentality, Zhiya decides to go to Fox slope for verification. When she was supposed to get on the bus, she was stopped by a strange drunk old man and missed the bus. There was a drunk old man who couldnt walk in front of the bus stop at night. Out of kindness, she picked up the old man and wanted to send him home. Unexpectedly, the old man was getting heavier and heavier on her back. She carried the old man to her destination and called a taxi to catch up with the bus. Unexpectedly, the bus had an accident. The place of the accident was the same as that of her childhood, in Fox slope.

If you look at Li Yuan, the real identity of Li Yuan is not the monster that his brother said, but a thousand year old fox. He was once a mountain god, but he gave up his throne because of his love with human beings.

In order to make the mistress reborn and be found back by himself, he gave his Neidan to the other party. In exchange for the chance for his lovers rebirth, he signed a labor contract with Mrs. Meng. He has been doing the hard work of clearing away ghosts and monsters that disturb the human order, waiting and waiting.

The woman master Zhiyas design is not the same white lotus saint, but a smart little ghost with IQ online. From her childhood, she can be seen that she is calm and brave beyond her age. In the first episode, the female host is also very aggressive in order to investigate some of the males column Sao operations.

First, set up a bureau to draw out the male leader, then take a picture of the man fighting with his brother, and then take the video taken by himself as a threat, and finally commit a personal danger. After confirming that the man is really not a man, a dose of anesthesia needle is crisp and neat. Ill see you for the first time.

The beginning of the story of the Nine Tailed Fox can be said to make people look forward to the following plot. After all, the male owner is only a thousand year old fox, while the female owner is a human being who cant bind a chicken, but is a werewolf that cant be underestimated. After that, the plot will start from a weak actor.

If you want to finish the 16 episodes patiently, dont have any hope for the plot. Use Li Dongxus beauty to fill the blank of the plot. This is probably the only motivation for the play to go on.