reversal? Brazilian president does not agree to buy Chinese vaccine

 reversal? Brazilian president does not agree to buy Chinese vaccine

Brazil has always been one of the worst affected countries in the world. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of health of Pakistan on the 20th, more than 23000 new cases were added in a single day, with a total of more than 5.27 million cases and nearly 155000 deaths. The novel coronavirus pneumonia program in Brazil is likely to be launched in January 2021, which will be the first global immunization campaign for the new crown pneumonia pandemic.

But no specific date for its use can be given, and it is hoped that it will be approved by the national health supervision agency of Brazil by the end of this year, kovas, director of the butantan Institute, said on Tuesday.

Brazils Veja magazine quoted pazulo as saying on the 20th that Kexing vaccine has become butantan vaccine and butantan vaccine will be Brazilian vaccine. If the vaccine is only produced in China, it must be approved by the Chinese drug administration, then by the World Health Organization, and finally by Anvisa before it can be put into use, he said. As the butantan Institute will produce Chinese vaccines in Brazil, the approval process will be simplified and only Anvisa approval is required.

However, bosonaro on the 21st was dissatisfied with the agreement reached between pazulo and Doria and other governors, and said that the purchase of unauthorized vaccines is treason.. Bosonaro said on the social platform that day, Brazil will not buy Chinese vaccines..

According to reports, according to the agreement reached between the butantan Institute and Kexing, 6 million of the 46 million doses of vaccine are from China, and the remaining 40 million doses are produced in Brazil. It is not clear how much dose bosonaro meant by not buying.. Gorinchtein, head of Sao Paulos Department of health, said the president should not be referring to 40 million doses of vaccines produced in Brazil.

The safety and efficacy of Chinese vaccines have been well received since the launch of phase III clinical trials in Brazil. Sao Paulo page said that the butantan Institute announced on the 19th that the preliminary results of clinical trials show that the vaccine is safe, and the test is still in progress.

Li Xiaoxiao, our correspondent in Brazil

Brazils president says he will not buy Chinese vaccines