One thing is enough to recognize a girl

 One thing is enough to recognize a girl


Friends asked him what was wrong, he did not say, pretending nothing, forced to smile.

Jingze looked at his friends sincere inquiry, perhaps the role of alcohol, so that he had the courage to say that: I want to break up with my girlfriend, but I have some hesitation.

When he said he wanted to break up with his girlfriend, it was a hilarious table, and suddenly became quiet. Several friends looked at him seriously.

Why? Asked a friend.

Jingze was silent for a moment and said: its something she did that I couldnt accept, so I quarreled with her. After that, she was still very aggrieved. Obviously, she did something wrong, but I apologized to coax her. Every time I feel very tired.

Whats the matter?

A curious boy quickly asked, Jing Ze may feel in front of his friends about the details of the quarrel with his girlfriend, the image of his girlfriend is not very good, so he drank a glass of wine and said: nothing.

The keen girl guessed that Jingze must have been wronged in his feelings and didnt want to reveal it, so he didnt let everyone continue to force him to say it;

He said a word to him that he should consider carefully on his way home

It doesnt matter what you dont say. You just want to understand whether you care what she does if you continue to be together. If you dont care, you can continue. If you care about it, and you still drink like today, it shows that this girl is not necessarily suitable for you and is not worth your liking, because you will be very tired with her and will make you sad and sad There will be concerns, so you have to think about where these problems lie


On the way back, his friends words always lingered in his mind, which made him think of the sad things with Fang Jie.

For example, he reported to Fang Jie early this morning and had dinner and drink with his friends in the evening. Fang Jie simply answered the word um and never looked for him again.

He didnt feel that he was not valued by his girlfriend from the wechat chat once or twice. He remembered that his previous girlfriends were very attached to him. When he went out to drink, his ex girlfriend would tell him to drink less and ask him when he would come back and worry about him.

Now, Fang Jie doesnt worry about him. On the contrary, he sometimes cares about Fang Jie. Fang Jie also thinks that he is a mother-in-law and says that he is not a child any more.

Fang Jies words made him feel cold every time.

In addition, Jingze and Fang Jie get along for a long time, and find that Fang Jie has no love.

Because he likes small animals, his family has a cat and a teddy dog. When Fang Jie first came to his house, he saw the dog and the cat, and they all showed their love. But over time, Fang Jies attitude towards dogs and cats changed a lot.

On one occasion, Teddy was pissed off her calf, and she kicked Teddy away. The scream of Teddys kick happened to be seen by Jingze, who just came out of the kitchen. Fang Jie didnt wait for Jingze to criticize, she said, I thought it was going to pee on my leg, so I opened it.

But only Jingze knows that there are many ways to get rid of the dog. Why should we choose to kick it ruthlessly?


Whats more, Fang Jie doesnt like his cat. He hates that his bed and sofa are covered with cat hair, which makes Fang Jie a little unbearable.

For Fang Jies comfort, Jingze cleans the cats fur as long as she has time at home. However, Fang Jie is still picky. She remembers that once they went to bed. Fang Jie had some insomnia and was in a bad mood. Coincidentally, the cat went to bed and leaned against Jingzes side. Her tail touched her face. At that time, she ignored Jingzes mood and got up and threw the cat out of the bed.

At that time, Jingze understood Fang Jies mood, but he was still a little uncomfortable. So when Fang Jie told him to give away the cat and dog, he didnt want to, but Fang Jie forced him to say, in your heart, Im not as good as your cat and dog?

When Fang Jie said this, he was very sad, because he had made a lot of efforts and compromise for Fang Jie, and Fang Jie never looked at it in his heart.

As long as Fang Jie is in his house, he will put the cat and dog in the cage, change the sheets and covers again, clean the hair on the sofa, and clean the house clean

But he did everything, but never get the other partys tolerance and understanding.

Yes, thats because you dont have one, so you wont realize how important it is to regard a pet as a life and as the companion of a child. So its really difficult for Jingze to make a choice.

Sometimes Jingze thinks that if Fang Jie is really allergic to pet fur, he will bear the pain to give up his fur and dog, but Fang Jie just doesnt like it, even rises to hate.


After returning home, Jingze not only asked why he liked Fang Jie?

Is it because she is beautiful, sweet, like her smile, like every time she spoiled him, his hormone will burst out of desire? Or do you like the lies she always tells herself?

Yes, Fang Jie likes to lie. At the beginning, Jing Ze would comfort himself by explaining that Fang Jie didnt worry about him, but he often lied. Sometimes, lying is not trusting and hiding from each other.

For example, Fang Jie said she had to go to bed early when she was tired. In fact, she went to a nightclub to have a good time with her friends;

Fang Jie said that she likes to watch literary and artistic films, but when she went to the movies, she fell asleep less than half way through;

Fang Jie said that she had an undergraduate degree, but in fact she had a junior college degree. She was just a junior college major

Therefore, after these days of self torment and self doubt, Jingze still thinks its better to end this relationship. After all, the above manifestations and signs tell him:

When you see through a girl, if there is no heart and excitement again, it means that two people can not go to the end.

Peoples heart is not cool at once;

Sad is not a good time;

Therefore, if the other party can not give you what you want, also can not pick up the original love, there is no trace of passion, then choose to turn around and leave.

Because, turn around just to find better love.

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