Gai textbook Level trick to coax your wife to be a loving husband

 Gai textbook Level trick to coax your wife to be a loving husband


Make a good lubricant between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Previously, in freshman Diary 2, Gai Zhou Yan has contributed countless times to his beloved wifes moment of spreading dog food. In the latest program, Gai has upgraded peoples understanding of him and has been praised by netizens as fairy husband -

Because he handled the little friction between his mother-in-law and his daughter-in-law perfectly, which was called the century problem, and at the same time showed the love of the whole family.

We all know that pregnant women are prone to emotional ups and downs due to hormone and other reasons after childbirth, and so is Wang sran, the wife of Gai who has just given birth.

After her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law went in and out to see how to feed her milk for several times, Wang Silan was suddenly in a mood and cried in a low voice. Her mother-in-law left the room in a gloomy mood. At this time, Gai first understood that the reason for his wifes small mood was it was uncomfortable to be looked at to nurse.

Later, Gai quickly went back to the house to coax his wife, expressing the understanding and tolerance of the whole family. In the whole process, not only did no one get angry, but also made the whole family more united.

Not only that, when Wang Silan asked such emotional instability is to do? Gai once again contributed to the textbook Level secrets of wife coaxing

2u3001 Soothe gently to show understanding, said postpartum mood is normal;

3u3001 Put forward the solution in time, and no one else is allowed to watch after feeding;

4u3001 Fancy praise, calling his wife a baby;

In an instant, Wang Silan was in a calm mood and was grateful for his familys understanding.

Gais seemingly simple communication and practical expression of love have smoothed the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so that the family can get along well without estrangement.

It is said that men who can handle the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have high Eq. in fact, high EQ does not lie in how delicate the words are, but in the attitude and responsibility.

When there is friction between two women who love themselves, they do not shrink back, do not make peace, do not add fuel to the fire, and act as a generator for good love.

Let love lubricate and accommodate each other, so as to gain not only the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but also the understanding and attachment of mother and daughter.


Smart men love their wives > their children

Ive heard a saying: to see whether a couple is happy or not, it doesnt depend on whether the family has money, whether the childrens grades are good or not, and whether the husbands career is successful or not. If you just look at it, its the husbands attitude towards his wife.

Smart men know that, hand in hand to the old, the same is the spouse, to love her to protect her.

Gai is like this.

I believe that Gai is very clear in my heart: children are the crystallization of love, but the wife is the warm heart person who accompanies her all his life.

Psychology has a term called reaction force, which means that when you give an attitude and action, if it is positive, other members of the family will feedback the same positive emotions and information, and vice versa.

Love wife, is the most intuitive education for children, but also can cultivate childrens warm and loving personality.

Huosiyan asked several children to play with his son hum at home, but when she saw her mother was good to other children, he began to be jealous, deliberately mischievous and attracted attention, and also talked to huosiyan.

In a fit of anger, Huo Siyan complains to Du Jiang that he is not obedient and asks him to help adjust. Du Jiang, who rushed back in a hurry, after asking the whole story, stood on the United Front with Huo Siyan, explaining to ahem that being nice to other children is the way to treat guests, and should not lose his temper with his mother.

Hum ran to Huo Siyan immediately, holding her mother and saying sorry. Later, we learned that under this kind of education, hum also grew up to be a warm hearted little prince, who was the knight of his mother just like his father.

When you put your wife first and understand that the children will inherit this healthy relationship after the husband and wife love each other and the family is harmonious, you will know the wisdom and benefits of loving your wife > loving your child.

As a well-known foreign proverb, happy wife happy life, that is, happy wife, happy life.

The energy conservation of happiness is to pay together

Zhang Xiaoxian once said: how can a happy marriage be just two people with good luck? Have you tried to cherish, understand and tolerate?

Point out that a happy marriage lies in two people working together for this family. Once one party is too relaxed and can not reach deep connection, there will be haze and complaint, and it is difficult to have a comfortable sense of happiness. When both sides support each other and support the family together, including accompanying the children to grow up together, the energy conservation of happiness can be guaranteed.

I also want to grow up with my children

Wang Li, another father-in-law in Freshmens Diary 2, also contributed a warm scene.

Liu Xuan said that the romance he wanted was to pick the stars. So Wang Li prepared a star lamp and a bunch of stars, and said his heart: he wants to be happy with his children and his family.

Wang Li almost put off all his work this year. In the past five years, he has been working hard. His son has grown up day by day, but he is absent from the precious stage. Now he is at home and hears his son always pulling him and saying, Dad, Ill tell you something. his happiness at that moment is beyond words.

The growth of childrens healthy mind can not be separated from the common company of their parents. The complete love of the original family is the wealth of a childs life.

-- taking care of you is the happiest thing

The couple Yang Zishan and Wu Zhongtian are also enviable.

At the beginning, everyone was feeling that Yang Zishan had found a good husband, tolerated her cleanliness, washed and cooked for her, and kept gentle all the time. However, after knowing the details, they knew that their love was due to their willingness to pay each other.

After Yang Zishans fire, Wu Zhongtian had a broken leg. Yang Zishan had no hesitation. In the rising period of her career, she gave up a years work and took good care of her. Wu Zhongtian was moved and determined to take good care of Zishan in the future. The two people regarded taking care of each other as the happiest thing.

In fact, its not difficult to be a good husband. You just need to put your heart on your family after work and practice your sense of responsibility. When you give your responsibility and love to each other, you will find that you will be rewarded with multiple times of love.