The mystery of stealing coffin

 The mystery of stealing coffin

Three days later, uncle Yang took the coffin home from the carpenter pan and put it under the corn bin.

This night, it began to rain again. Uncle Yang was distressed by the big black rain, so he called it into the house and let it spend the night in the house. Later in the middle of the night, aunt Yang was woken up by Dahei, who not only kept calling, but also kept beating on the door. Aunt Yang felt strange, and quickly woke up uncle Yang: I said the old man, big black always so howling, is not our family into the thief?

Uncle Yang chuckled: are you asleep? In addition to the rhubarb cattle, our family has just made this coffin. But have you ever heard of someone stealing a coffin? Aunt Yang glared: even a fool didnt steal the coffin. Did you steal our rhubarb? Uncle Yang sat up and said, dont mention it. There are always people who lose cattle these days.

Uncle Yang quickly dressed on the ground, pushed open the door, big black like an arrow from the string, whoosh whoosh jumped out. Several black shadows ran out from the bottom of the barn, climbed up the wall quickly and jumped down. A thin thief did not wait to climb the wall, but was bitten by big black pants legs. Outside the wall, a hand reached out and dragged the thin thief to the wall. Uncle Yang also ran over and grabbed the thin thiefs leg. Stones were thrown out of the wall one after another. The stubborn uncle Yang did not let go. As a result, a big stone hit uncle Yangs head in an impartial way, and he fell to the ground. The thin thief took the opportunity to escape

Seeing that uncle Yang hasnt come back, aunt Yang ran to the Baomi warehouse in a hurry. I saw Uncle Yang lying under the wall, motionless. Uncle Yangs hand has stopped breathing.

Aunt Yang tried to endure her grief and immediately called the director of the police station Yu. Director Yu and police officer Xiao Mao arrived soon. Rhubarb was still tied to the bottom of the corn barn, but the coffin was carried outside.

Director Yu was staring at Xiao Mao: how can someone steal the coffin? Xiao Mao said, is there an old man in the thiefs family who has just passed away, but he is so poor that he cant afford to buy a coffin. When he hears that uncle Yangs family has a coffin that has just been made, he runs to steal it?

Nodding at the director, it is possible, but there is another possibility: this wood is very special. The suspect is not stealing the coffin, but stealing wood. With that, director Yu quickly called the director and asked the director to invite experts from the forestry bureau.

After daybreak, Yu director and Xiao Mao braved the heavy rain and began to investigate the scene. The scene has been damaged by rain, no trace of investigation. Experts from the Forestry Bureau arrived and stripped the black paint off the coffin. They found that the coffin was made of cypress, not precious wood. Excluding the possibility of stealing wood, there is only one possibility: the suspect is stealing a coffin because he is poor enough to steal the coffin of Uncle Yang.

These days, from door to door, the director and the small house are investigating the suspect. After seven villages, there was no progress in the case. At this time, aunt Yang called, saying that Dahei was poisoned, bleeding all over and dying. She asked the director to send Dahei to the veterinary station for treatment. Director Yu agreed to come down. Xiao Mao was angry and funny: director, are you wrong? Now the house is on fire. Instead of investigating the prisoners, you save a dog? In the long white hair a look: big black life is not life?

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A few days later, the director received another call from Aunt Yang: a thin man with a group of people, a hand-held head and shovel, standing at the door of her family, saying that the big black had bitten people, and it was necessary to kill the big black.

Director Yu and Xiao Mao rushed to Aunt Yangs house. Sure enough, there was a thin man with a group of people around the gate. Dahei stood in the door and yelled at the gang crazily, not afraid at all. Director Yu asked, who did the dog bite? The thin man pulled up his trouser legs, and gauze was wrapped around his legs.

The director frowned and looked at the thin man: where did you get bitten by a dog? The thin man said, in At the door of the house Director Yu calmly asked, where do you live? Whats the name? The thin man got angry: whats the use of asking these questions? I dont have to pay for the medical expenses, as long as I kill the dog! Director Yu narrowed his eyes: how can I believe you are telling the truth?

The thin man was stunned, then raised his hand and said to the onlookers: the dog was once injured. He sent it to the veterinarian station by using a police car. Lets go back immediately and poke the private use of the police bus on the Internet for netizens to comment on it! Director Yu was stunned, thought for a moment, changed his words and said: so, tomorrow morning, you come here again, I promise to give you a statement, the condition is only one: do not poke this matter to the Internet!

The skinny Gang left. Director Yu asked aunt Yang: listen to you, Dahei now in addition to coming back to eat, day and night not home, you do not close the door at night? Aunt Yang said, why not? As soon as it comes back, Ill close the door!

Director Yu shook his head: your courtyard wall is so high, how can big black get out? Aunt Yang said: to be honest, since Lao Yang left, something strange has happened at home: every night, I tie rhubarb under the corn barn, but when I get up in the morning, I can see that the rhubarb has been wandering in the yard, the reins are guaranteed to be bitten off, and Dahei is no longer in sight.

Director Yu asked aunt Yang, where is uncle Yang buried? Aunt Yang said, its buried in front of the mountain Yu said excitedly, if Im not wrong, Dahei must have been guarding uncle Yangs tomb all day and night. He only came back to eat something when he was hungry. The gang who came just now are the coffin thieves. They did not change their minds and went to the cemetery to steal uncle Yangs coffin. In order to protect uncle Yangs coffin, Dahei fought with the thieves and was seriously injured!

Xiao Mao disagreed: I dont understand. They were bitten by big black because of stealing coffin. Big black also let them fight half to death. Dare you be so blatant? Yu chuckled: if you can only see one move in chess, do you want to defeat your opponent? The gang of coffin robbers are determined to steal the coffin. But Dahei risked his life to protect him. They really had no way out, so they took the risk and wanted us to kill Dahei, so that they could succeed

Aunt Yang was worried: why didnt you arrest them just now? Director Yu shook his head: no evidence, you cant arrest people casually! Director Yu took a breath and said, Xiao Mao, go to the town hospital and the small clinic right away. Make a clear investigation to find out what the name of the big black bitten man is and where he lives. Ill stay here and ask aunt yang to tie rhubarb and see how Dahei gets out.

After Xiao Mao left, aunt Yang tied rhubarb to the trough. After dark, big black went to the trough, jumped into the slot and began to bite the reins. After a while, the reins were bitten off. Dahei slapped rhubarbs legs with his front paws. Rhubarb went straight to the hospital wall. Dahei jumped on Rhubarb again, then jumped from rhubarb to the hospital wall, and then jumped out of the hospital wall. Director Yu and aunt Yang were shocked.

Director Yu and aunt Yang followed Dahei and went straight to qianshanlazikou. Dahei lies on the grave of Uncle Yang. The tomb has been excavated and the coffin has been exposed. Xiao Mao came from the town, he has been found in the town hospital, a man did not long ago vaccinated against rabies, but with a pseudonym.

Aunt Yang was worried: using a pseudonym, how can we catch them? Director Yu said confidently, I didnt ask them to come to your house tomorrow to wait for the result. Aunt Yang, please get Dahei down the mountain at once Aunt Yang was surprised: what do you want to do? In the long smile and do not answer, aunt Yang seriously warned Yu: I put the scandal in front of you, you must dare to kill big black, dont blame me for fighting with you!

The next morning, the skinny group came to Aunt Yangs house in a bluster, and Yus director arrived on time. Xiao Mao got out of the police car with big black and threw it on the ground. Big black fell to the ground, closed his eyes and did not move. Director Yu said to them, we have euthanized Dahei. Are you satisfied this time? Aunt Yang ran over crazily, stroked Da Hei and began to wail.

When they left with satisfaction, director Yu told aunt Yang that he was deceiving the skinny gang. They did not euthanize Dahei, but gave him an anesthetic injection. Aunt Yang broke her tears into a smile.

Greed for money and loss of life

That night, Yu director, Xiao Mao and other police officers, aunt Yang with big black, were hidden around uncle Yangs grave. At more than one oclock in the middle of the night, several black shadows quietly came to Uncle Yangs tomb. After burning several pieces of paper, they began to dig uncle Yangs tomb. Aunt Yang patted big black hard: go! Big black swished to several coffin robbers. The coffin robbers were scared and called out Ma Ya Ma Ya. He threw away the guy in his hand and ran around. Director Yu and they rushed out, three down and five divided two, and caught several coffin thieves. It turned out to be a gang of skinny thieves.

Director Yu conducted a sudden trial, and the result of the sudden trial surprised him and Mao: according to the thin thiefs subordinates, they came from big turtle village. Carpenter pan once finished drinking wine and boasted about the discovery of wood to the thin man. He said that the wood that uncle Yang found was mahogany, which was as expensive as gold, and could sell for at least one million yuan. On the night of Uncle Yangs accident, the thin thieves accidentally stoned him to death

After uncle Yang was buried, they went to dig a coffin in the mountain. Unexpectedly, Dahei swore to protect uncle Yangs coffin. The skinny man was bitten by big black. He was so angry that he cut down Da Hei. Forced to helpless, the thin thief came up with an idea and went to Aunt Yangs house to force aunt yang to kill Dahei.

Now, the skinny thiefs men have caught him, but the skinny man who is the leader is still missing.

At this time, director Yus mobile phone rang. After the director answered the phone, he immediately said to Xiao Mao: there was a murder in big Wugui village. Carpenter pan was killed!

Director Yu rushed to pan carpenters house. After autopsy, carpenter pan was stabbed in the great artery and died of excessive bleeding.

Pans wife sat beside the carpenters body, whimpering and crying, and said, if you dont do this, how can you be killed? Director Yu leaned down and asked, whats going on? Pans wife cried and said, its time for me to tell you this old face. Laoyangtou, from liutiaogou village, brought a piece of wood to make a coffin. My old man recognized this wood. It was mahogany which was more expensive than gold. My old man was so rich that he did this unconscionable thing: he replaced mahogany with cypress. He hid mahogany in Xiazi, so he would sleep in Xiazi every night for fear of being stolen. He is not at ease. He has installed a camera on the door of Xiazi, but he still has an accident!

Soon, director of the police from the surveillance video to the suspects appearance, pan wife at a glance, the suspect was recognized, it is the thin person.

The thin thief was caught, and the mahogany was found. The thin thief said: he and carpenter pan are friends. He found out that carpenter pan is not right recently. He is always sleeping in the mansion. It seems that he has something to hide from. The thin man speculated that maybe carpenter Pan had changed the wood into a new one. So he arranged to let his men continue to dig the coffin on the mountain, while he secretly sneaked into carpenter Pans mansion in the middle of the night to see if he had hidden the wood.

The skinny man is right to infer that mahogany is hidden in Xiazi as expected! The thin man would stop carpenter Pans mouth and tie him up to take away the mahogany. It is expected that Pan carpenter did not have the courage to report to the police. He could only eat Coptis in silence, but could not say what he had suffered.

However, as soon as the thin man was ready to start, carpenter pan took out his knife and stabbed the thin mans buttocks. The thin man endured the sharp pain and seized the knife, and returned the knife according to the carpenter Pans thigh. Then, he stopped carpenter Pans mouth, tied him up again, called a few people, and carried the mahogany away.

Picking up wood to make a coffin will bring about death, and the story of a loyal dog guarding the tomb leads to a vicious thief, and the police follow suit to catch the murderer wisely, which soon spread among the crowd

Author: Bai Lang