The direction is right, not afraid of a long way to go

 The direction is right, not afraid of a long way to go

The new policies and reforms provide inexhaustible power and infinite vitality for Chinese sports. For a long time, especially during the period of the 13th five year plan, all levels of Chinese sports, no matter football, basketball, volleyball and other competitive events loved by people, or mass sports, sports industry and other fields, are bathed in the spring breeze of reform, stirring the melody of reform and enjoying the achievements of reform.

Football reform leads professional league to be more professional

However, Zhou Xuzhous 25-year-old team is not able to achieve his dream of playing professional football in Meizhou.

Benefited from the support of China Football Association for local football association after decoupling, Zhou bingxu scored 19 goals in the first provincial Amateur Football League organized by Zhejiang provincial Football Association and won the title of League shooter. He was favored by Zhejiang Yiteng team, who was still in China at that time, and thus completed the leap from Amateur League to professional league.

It is no accident that Zhou bingxu realized his dream. Five years ago, the overall plan for Chinas football reform and development (hereinafter referred to as the plan) pointed out the direction of Chinas football reform from the top-level design. After the decoupling, China Football Association has promoted the development of local football by improving the construction of member association system, and a large number of Zhou bingxu men have been able to shine through the amateur league stage.

From the club cross land transfer is no longer allowed, to the club investment cap, player salary cap and other financial equity policies, a series of measures to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the club began to be implemented after the release of the plan, which benefited the Chinese Super League.

Outside the stadium, CFA signed cooperation agreements with 21 national and regional football associations including France and Germany, and established cooperative relations with FIFA, AFC and UEFA, which has won a favorable international environment for Chinas football reform and development.

Football reform not only brings a wisp of spring breeze to the professional league, but also makes the campus football develop vigorously all over the country. At present, the national campus football characteristic schools have reached more than 20000, and the gradually established campus league system has also led more young people to the green field.

CBA reform is also advancing rapidly. In 2017, Yao Ming, who has nearly no doubt, was elected the president of China Basketball Association, which opened the prelude of China Basketball reform. After CBA independently operated the league, the league matches increased from the original 38 rounds to the present 56 rounds. At the same time, the number of playoff teams has increased from the initial eight to the current 12, which also gives more teams the opportunity to compete in the playoffs.

In addition to the reform of competition system, competition system and schedule arrangement, CBA League has also introduced a number of management measures on the issue of referee. Outside the league, CBA has made basketball dream take root in the hearts of thousands of children through small basketball activities; through nationwide selection, grassroots players who are not from pure professional leagues are allowed to enter the three person basketball national team; through the double national training team mode, the Chinese mens basketball team provides a stage for a group of young athletes and increases the talent thickness.

The system and mechanism of separation of management and operation are more perfect

A few months ago, Ge Yanxin, a member of the Zhejiang Basketball Association, was quite busy. The E-Class coach training class of China Basketball Association, which was organized by the Provincial Basketball Association, opened in Hangzhou. He was busy docking the training site and checking the registration information. This busy state has been used to by the Basketball Association since three years ago.

In 2017, Zhejiang Provincial Basketball Association was determined as provincial sports social organization entity reform pilot by Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau. Three years later, a simple set of data can explain why Ge Yanxin is getting busier and busier. In 2017, the annual capital account of Zhejiang Provincial Basketball Association was only several hundred thousand yuan. In 2019, this figure has increased to nearly 8 million yuan. There are more competitions, more training, more ability, more peoples support, and more enthusiasm to work. Zhejiang Province Basketball Association vice chairman and Secretary General Wang Zhigang said.

After the separation of management and operation, the materialization of the association should not only solve the problem of transferring functions, but also the problem of connecting. Last August, the provincial mens Basketball Super League, carried out by the Zhejiang Provincial Basketball Association, came to an end. A total of 15 teams and 232 athletes from 11 prefectures and cities across the province signed up for the competition, which lasted for three months. For an association which has only been reformed for three years, how has it been achieved?

Relying on the government, but not relying on the government, is the key to better survival of sports social organizations. Wang Zhigang said that since the beginning of the reform, the Provincial Basketball Association has started from hosting small-scale group competitions and gradually accumulated experience in organizing competitions. With good reputation, it will naturally be favored by the market.

It is understood that over the past three years, the Zhejiang Basketball Association has raised more than 10 million yuan for organizing the games, including more than 20 million yuan invested by the host area, and more than 1800 sports teams driven by provincial competition platforms, which effectively promoted the development of basketball activities in all parts of the province.

Off the court, the separation of management and office has activated the vitality of the local basketball association. In the field, Wu Qian 39 points, Zhejiang team in the CBA new season opener victory over defending champion Guangdong team. Sun Minghui scored 41 points, and the Guangxia team with the all China team defeated the Shanghai team with double foreign aid. After the separation of management and office of CBA, the CBA League reform is getting better and better. The local players represented by Wu Qian and sun Minghui are getting closer to the center of the stage, and the basketball reform has achieved initial results.

The materialization of associations and the reform of social organizations are the key points of sports reform. Letting professional people do professional things has become the reform theme of sports associations. Li Lingwei, Yao Ming, Lang Ping, Liu Guoliang, Li Yan More and more professionals enter the sports management, which highlights the determination and strength of sports reform, and injects new vitality into the development of Chinas sports.

When night falls and the lights are on, I walk along the greenway on the South Bank of Oujiang River. The cool wind is blowing and the lights are bright along the coast. Its hard to imagine that this new Internet red clock in located in Taohuadao District, Binjiang business district, Wenzhou, is actually a sports and leisure park built on top of a sewage treatment plant.

How to find the optimal solution in the NIMBY effect and the public facilities in the area are faced with nowhere to build, Wenzhou City decided to borrow land from the sewage treatment plant, making use of the roof space of the workshop to build a multi-functional sports and leisure park.

On the eve of this years national day, this sports and leisure park, built by social forces and integrating skiing, skating, shooting, archery, rock climbing and trampoline, is officially open to the public. Ive been looking forward to it for two years. Its finally open to the outside world, and theres a good place for exercise and leisure. Liu Jie, a resident of Taohua Island, said happily.

In fact, Taohuadao sports leisure park is just a microcosm of Wenzhou people who benefit from social forces running sports. According to the data, since Wenzhou became a sports pilot unit run by social forces of the State General Administration of sport in 2017, the per capita area of sports venues in Wenzhou has increased by 28.7%, and the sports population has increased by 15.5%; Wenzhou has attracted more than 5 billion yuan of social investment in sports facilities construction, and the added value of sports industry has increased from 6.214 billion yuan to 9.685 billion yuan, an increase of 55.9%; Wenzhous sports industry and commerce registration entities have increased from 12000 To 25000, more than doubled.

Sports are not the sports of the Sports Bureau, but the sports of the whole society. From the establishment of mass sports competition in Tianjin National Games, to the release of opinions on deepening the integration of sports and education to promoting the healthy development of teenagers, and then to the opinions on strengthening the construction of national fitness venues and facilities and developing mass sports issued by the general office of the state Council a few days ago, sports all return to their social attributes.

The last leg of a journey marks the halfway point. Although the Chinese womens volleyball team in the international arena, let the Chinese people frequently excited, but the degree of marketization of domestic volleyball league is still not satisfactory. In April this year, the Chinese Volleyball Association announced that it was breaking up with the sports window, a business operator and promoter of the league. As the third largest League in China, after the Chinese Super League and CBA, how to professionalize itself remains to be solved.

Five years after the release of the plan, the football industry is still puzzled: the reform has not been carried out in accordance with the plan, the phenomenon of multi management exists to a certain extent, the society has not reached a consensus and formed a joint force on the football development concept and path, and the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity has not been well reflected in the football industry.

Reform will never be achieved overnight. The 14th five year plan is the first five years for China to start a new journey of building a socialist modern country on the basis of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. As an important means to meet the peoples yearning for a better life and promote the all-round development of human beings, the reform is still on the way.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651