How do mature men look young

 How do mature men look young

Dont blindly follow suit, choose what suits you

The fashion industry is always in a burst of wind, some trendsetters catch up with the trend, but do not know that some pieces are not suitable for themselves.

For example, recently in a certain sound and a book, people wear clothes, a variety of large logo stack superposition, if you can do a good job, there is a kind of combination of sunset high rich handsome painting style, it is easy to show greasy.

In fact, its not necessary to follow the trend blindly. Its the most important to understand your temperament and know what is suitable for you.

For example, Huang Xiaoming in a Chinese restaurant has found the style that suits him best. It seems that he has got through the two channels of Ren and governor. His clothes are advancing by leaps and bounds, and people cant find fault at all. Compared with fancy clothes, this kind of simple and fresh clothes will be more brilliant and full of juvenile feelings

Huang Xiaoming himself is a handsome man in the traditional aesthetics. His facial features and temperament are quite positive, so he is not suitable for clothes with an extra personality. The classic piece of shirt is very suitable for him. Most of the clothes in the Chinese restaurant are mainly shirts, which highlight the appearance and give full play to the advantages. Each set is eye-catching.

There was also Zhong Hanliang in the popular variety show this is hip hop 3 a while ago, and he was also surrounded by a lot of powder because of his clothes. Because his temperament tends to be calm and introverted, and at the same time gives people the feeling of sunny boy. Wearing such leisure items as knitted cardigan and jacket, it has a kind of visual sense of warm man next door, which is both handsome and approachable.

Park Shu, a tutor in the son of tomorrow, has always been praised as a teenager. He has his own style of dressing. Because he is thin, he will choose appropriate loose clothes. Olive green, a low saturation color, is low-key and artistic. When paired with torn jeans, he can highlight the uninhibited side of his character.

For the mature men who want to reduce their age by wearing clothes, it is not necessary to pursue fashion deliberately. Instead, they should choose the items that are consistent with their own temperament and characteristics. The best one is the one that suits them. This not only does not give people a hard concave feeling, but also allows themselves to be in a comfortable and comfortable state, showing charm naturally~

Simple style, pay attention to texture, details reflect the taste

Of course, its not impossible to wear big brand items, but its better to choose simple and classic styles instead of the big popular ones with full logo. On the one hand, this kind of clothes shows more texture; on the other hand, it is suitable for most occasions, which is appropriate and error free, and easy to leave a good impression. If there are some appropriate small design, small elements, it will make people feel good taste~

For example, Huang Xiaomings striped shirt in a Chinese restaurant. Can you tell its Gucci? The pajama style is casual and stylish with fresh colors. There is an embroidered kitten on the pocket. All kinds of details are inexplicably pleasing. It is not the style of rotten street, which makes people look bright.

This Givenchy white shirt is also very fresh and clean. If you look closely at the bottom of the collar, there is an embroidered five pointed star, without obvious logo, but the details have big brand elements. If a girl finds that the men around her are wearing such clothes, they will usually get a good score~

This black short sleeve shirt is from Givenchys limited series of Chinese Valentines day. The love embroidery on the chest is the finishing touch. It makes the clothes a little more cool, but it wont dominate the audience.

Wang Yaoqing usually wears simple clothes with texture, such as polo shirts and suits, which are essential for business people. When you look at them carefully, you can have a sense of design. For example, the red and white stripes on the neckline and cuffs, and the asymmetric stitching of suits are all worthy of delicacy. Simple but not simple, Wang Yaoqing, who is 46 years old, will not look dull or old at all. On the contrary, he has a sense of elitism.

Choose a casual piece that looks younger

You can also try some young elements of the piece, remember not to be too flashy, such as Huang Xiaoming wearing this printed shirt effect is good. Different from the Hawaiian Flower shirt in your impression, this abstract print is not so fancy, and it is not monotonous to wear.

This blue and white printed short sleeve shirt is very nice. It comes from American designer brand 3.1 philliplim. It looks very young in color and shape.

This UNOW Abstract graffiti print has a little more sense of the street, coupled with glasses and a messenger bag, it has a full sense of youth.

This shirt is from Fendi. The hand-painted illustration pattern has a kind of two-dimensional cute feeling, but because it is black and white color, it wont feel exaggerated, and it can be controlled in daily life.

This cartoon printed T-shirt is also particularly young, with a pair of sports shoes, quite dynamic~

Letter T-shirt, jeans and canvas shoes are all pieces that can make teenagers feel up. Zhang Yadong loves to wear them in the summer of the band. Although he is 51 years old, he still has no change in his old boy~

The waist line should be emphasized properly, which is clear and easy to reduce age

For example, Huang Xiaomings recent high score look, almost all of which tie the shirt into the waist of his trousers. The clothing pattern itself is slightly loose, and after being pushed in, it can be pulled out slightly to form some natural wrinkles and cover the meat on the stomach.

Mingko, who has seen a surge in clothing products, knows the importance of waistline. Before, he often used this method in sister riding the wind and waves, such as choosing a short suit or adding a belt outside the suit. For ordinary people, it may not be so daily, but the effect is immediate, which is both neat and long legs.

He also loves to wear this kind of overalls. Its super skinny with good proportion. Its energetic and sassy. Its full of hormones~

This kind of overalls is very popular now, and its not as hard to control as you think. Huang Xiaoming is from Fendi, and with the belt, he wears an inverted triangle every minute, which makes him feel like a reference for straight men.

Add layers with overlapping

If you take a closer look, you will find that many of Huang Xiaomings looks are in fancy play. For example, a white T-shirt is folded in the overalls and black waistcoat. The contrast between black and white is distinct, which immediately gives the dress a sense of hierarchy, which is both boyfriends strength and high-level.

There is also a short sleeve jacket with long sleeve T-shirt, which is very suitable for autumn. When you take it apart, you can see that everything is flat, but it is fashionable and young when you fold it together. There is a kind of obviously not how hard, but people feel very good at wearing~

Zhong Hanliang is also a master of stacking. Short sleeve coat + long sleeve base, short sleeve T-shirt + Long Sleeve T-Shirt make the basic style unusual. It looks like a senior student on the campus next door. Who can tell that wow is 45 years old?

Theyre all plaid shirts. If you wear a single shirt like a programmer, you can wear a white T with a white T inside. If you open the collar of the shirt, its just a little fresh meat, isnt it soeasy?

Make good use of jewelry and watch

Dont forget to embellish it with jewelry and wristwatch when its in place.

Huang Xiaoming, who attended the hundred flower awards before, wore a Tiffany brooch, bracelet and ring, and paired it with a velvet suit, adding a lot of color to the whole design.

Hu Ge also knows how to use jewelry wristwatch as a blessing. No matter whether the suit or the knitwear is matched with the Earls watch and ring, he is very energetic and elegant, and the feeling of a noble young master comes out.

Zhang Yadong used to hold a Cartier tank with a ring in the variety show. The black crocodile leather strap and black frame glasses just echo. With the casual suit and white T-shirt, it looks low-key and exquisite. It is worth learning from for men.

If you are not used to wearing jewelry, a wristwatch is still essential. Like Chen Kun, wearing a suit and sportswear with a Montblanc watch can become a highlight of the whole body, with a high-level feeling.

OK, have you got all the practical tips today? In fact, the completion of fashion is not only by the face, sometimes some details change, can bring qualitative leap~

Of course, keeping a good body shape and figure is also the key to wearing a sense of youth. I hope all fans can become greasy insulators and live younger and younger~

The picture is from the micro blog of Star Studio, and part of it is from visual China

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