Mary Jane with a skirt is afraid of magic! Fascinated by Wen Qi and Kong Xiaozhen

 Mary Jane with a skirt is afraid of magic! Fascinated by Wen Qi and Kong Xiaozhen

Zhao Ruths red plaid skirt and black Mary Jane match, fresh and refined, sweet and lovely.

Jin Jin Han uses college style short skirt with thick soled Mary Jane shoes. I really want to meet such plmm on campus.

The combination of skirt and Mary Jane is not for girls! You see, Kong Xiaozhen and Ernie use the doll long skirt to match the high-heeled Mary Zhen shoes, the charm of 30 + and the vitality of 20 + are all retained.

Emma Roberts love of Mary Jane shoes is really a secret that everyone knows. Whether it is a small foreign dress or a romantic print skirt, Mary Jane shoes can add a bit of highlights.

01 round head Mary Jane + cute skirt

The round toe can reduce the leather hard well, without so many professional sense of bondage, giving a girl and elegant visual impact.

If its fairies who dont like shoes very much, sister o recommends you start with white or color. The light color Mary Jane makes the whole shape more light and fresh.

Mary Jane shoes with minimalist clothing, understatement outlines that kind of girl and fairy feeling, with the skirt charm stand out.

Makaron color Mary Jane shoes are even more girlish, with the same color of the dress is very good-looking, this is not lazy Oh, but naturally not artificial but also full of fashion tips.

The girl who loves bright color can make efforts on the choice of skirt. The flower sling skirt is lovely and colorful. The color matching of blue and pink can match the part of shoes, so that the red Mary Jane will not be abrupt.

In addition to skirts, socks are definitely another good match for Mary Janes shoes. Pink socks can echo with wearing, and black Mary Jane can also make the overall match more dynamic.

In addition to the dress, you can also use a half skirt to match Mary Jane shoes. If the skirt length is different, the feeling of matching shoes will be different. It can be intellectually elegant, but also playful and charming.

The smooth toe has a kind of relaxed and leisure comfort, which makes the road atmosphere and beautiful. Mary Jane shoes and other shoes, can be worn through the pattern to create a different sense of fashion.

02 point Mary Jane + skirt charm bonus




Sister o, Ill enlarge the details for you! Mary Jane with a sharp head is particularly fashionable. Mary Janes girlish feeling and the aura brought by sharp head are harmoniously integrated together!

wo thousand and twenty

White to luminous he Sui, with a pointed Mary Jane to tell you what is elegant! Plus the pointed trim ratio effect, the legs are almost out of the screen~

The black dress is elegant enough. The white Mary Jane just echoes the hair ornaments on the top of her head, and the pointed head stimulates her own feminine charm~

Bubble sleeves, ruffles, gold pointed Mary Jane, all kinds of elements show that you send out the romantic breath, it is the Disney runaway princess herself.

For women in the workplace, the sharp maryzhen can wear to work completely, not too cute, will not weaken the atmosphere, compared with other shoes more detailed, more interesting.

The floral skirt is complex enough, so the bloggers fashion is to make subtraction. It is simple and does not follow the pointed Mary Jane. It is integrated with the overall collocation, which will not give people too much burden.

Pointed Mary Jane is also very suitable for Jimei people to travel. Looking back on our girlhood time and taking into account the modern atmosphere of the city, you can win effortlessly.

03 thick heel Mary Jane + elegant and modern skirt

No comparison with Mary Jane

I believe that every girls first pair of high-heeled shoes are small thick heels! Put on the small thick heel Mary Jane shoes, as if to take us through to the young girls appearance.

After meeting Mary Jane, everything becomes very reasonable. Thick heel Mary Jane shoes itself has a strong sense of fashion, you dont need to match too much!

Of course, shoes should be beautiful enough! In late autumn, its best to use a pair of colorful Mary Jane to add points for wearing.

With a slight change on the original bandage, Mary Jane shoes can immediately become another look, showing the strong modeling plasticity of Mary Jane shoes!

I dont know how to wear this late autumn. Sister o recommends skirt + Mary Jane. You can choose elegant and lovely.

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