Niu! A 19-year-old boy rode 2300 kilometers to university, determined to save money to conquer Mount Everest

 Niu! A 19-year-old boy rode 2300 kilometers to university, determined to save money to conquer Mount Everest

On the way

Riding a long hidden dream

It is not Li Zhihengs sudden fantasy to want to ride to school. Hiking and riding have always been his hobbies. The young mans physical fitness is good. On weekdays, he often runs long distances, rides in circles, and has run half a horse.

Although he is only 19 years old and young, Li Zhiheng has great ideas.

At that time, high spirited teenagers enjoyed the speed and challenge, and didnt pinch the brake when going downhill. As a result, they suddenly made a sharp turn and the car drifted, and the whole person flew out. Finally, my parents came and took me back to my hometown.

This year, Li Zhiheng fought the college entrance examination again, and his score was better than that of last year. He was admitted to the data science and big data technology major of Jiashan Guangbiao College of Shanghai Shanda University.

Spend 1800 yuan to buy a mountain bike, a mountaineering bag containing three sets of clothes and some bread, chocolate and other supplies. He started from his hometown in Shifang, Sichuan Province, at about 6:00 a.m. on September 10.

Li Zhihengs parents, a primary school teacher and a taxi driver, are optimistic and open-minded, but they are inevitably worried. Know can not stop, only exhort: every day a phone call, must report safe.

Li Zhihengs bicycle and equipment

The journey has experienced the rainstorm, the mud and the beautiful scenery

From Shifang to Jiashan, it is more than 2000 kilometers. Open the mobile phone map and select riding. All the softwares have the same hint: the riding route is too long, so it is recommended to use other travel modes.

How did Li Zhiheng plan his riding route? First determine the general direction, and then according to the days progress, make the next route.

Deyang, Chengdu, Ziyang, Enshi, Yichang, Jingzhou, Wuhan, Huanggang, Luan, Hefei, Nanjing, Taizhou, Wuxi, Suzhou to Jiaxing Li Zhihengs communication big data itinerary card records his route.

Communication big data travel card records Li Zhihengs route

Every city and every mountain and river passing by is a different scenery

At first, Li Zhiheng felt that it was difficult to ride the mountain multi-channel dangerous vehicle in Chongqing. Later, he found that the place where Chongqing and Hubei are connected is the real mountain high and the road is steep. Sometimes he can only push the car forward. On the most difficult day, he met with road construction and rainstorm. After walking for a whole morning, he was tired.

In September, the heat did not dissipate. Li Zhihengs impression was that it was rainy for nearly half of the time, and his raincoat was even more sultry. Unfortunately, the shoes and socks with plastic bags and the things in the backpack were also wet.

We often encounter muddy roads when riding

In order to save money, he could not find a hundred yuan cheap hotel along the way. Sometimes he had to stay in the farmers house. Everything had to be done. Taking a bath and washing clothes became a luxury.

Along the way, he once galloped along the city streets, and shuttled through the country roads. He had encountered heavy rain, and the mountain roads were hard to walk. He also saw the mist curling in the valley after the rain.

Mountain road can enjoy the beautiful scenery

Bitter, no doubt, but the beautiful scenery along the way is the best reward.

Passing a field

The scenery on the top of the mountain is beautiful

Harvest is a rare experience in life

For the daily planning, Li Zhiheng had a plan. Starting at 7:00 a.m. and resting around 6:00 p.m., the average daily riding distance is 100 km.

In order to find the most suitable speed, Li Zhiheng did not suffer less.

After his first years experience of riding downhill and drifting, he learned to watch the navigation ahead of time and slow down when there is a sharp turn ahead.

Its hard to ride when the road is raining

But no matter how well prepared, there will be accidents.

Along the way, the tire of the car was punctured three times. Fortunately, I was lucky. I didnt walk far with the car every time. The farthest time, the trailer took more than an hour to find a decathlon after walking 6 kilometers. On another occasion, the car broke down in the mountains. I searched for a repair shop along the way. I couldnt understand the accent. Relying on the villagers demonstration, I finally found an old man who repaired the car.

Sometimes you have to go through these country trails

On the way, I met a rider from Shanghai

Riding in the Three Gorges, he felt for the first time that Li Daoyuans Wuxia gorge in the East Three Gorges is long, and apes sing three times with tears on their clothes turns out to be such a scene. In Nanjing, he spent the night on a dock bench in order to take his first ferry. In Lichuan, the capital of Liangdu, he found that the temperature on a summer morning in September could be as low as 14 degrees, which made him wrap his hands in clothes.

Cycling around the mountains, mountains, beautiful scenery

Li Zhiheng spent 1800 yuan on the mountain bike

On October 6, Li Zhiheng checked in one day ahead of other students. After completing the formalities, he helped the freshmen to carry their luggage and go through the formalities.

For nearly a month, Li Zhiheng felt that his weight did not change, but his appetite increased. Of course, he not only gained good health, but also courage.

These days, Li Zhiheng has started normal class, and he has a new dream.

Li Zhihengs riding equipment is very simple

Shanghai has the policy of taking the entrance examination. Since I want to take the exam, I will take the most difficult one. Li Zhihengs goal is to be admitted to Fudan University. Even if you cant, you should be prepared for postgraduate entrance examination.

In addition, Li Zhiheng also wants to climb Mount Everest. It also means a high cost, he knows. He has already thought that he can make some money by starting a business and investing in his spare time. I tried the water once before and earned thousands of yuan. Unfortunately, I lost all of them in the end. But the failure is not terrible. After all, the first time of riding is also a failure.

A 19-year-old boy rides 2300 kilometers to university. Source: Qianjiang Evening News - hour news client editor: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651

The 19-year-old rode 2300 kilometers to university