Cechs comeback and Kepa is cool? Drogba: Im on my way back

 Cechs comeback and Kepa is cool? Drogba: Im on my way back

The Daily Mail pointed out that Lampards main purpose at the beginning of the introduction of Mendi was to use the team competition to put pressure on Kepa, so that Kepa can adjust his form as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, kappa continued to be in the doldrums, while Mendi was outstanding. In yesterdays Champions League group match, Mendi used a key save to keep the teams opponents clean. After making full observation and consideration, Lampard made a decision and decided to take Kepa completely.

At the moment, Mendi is our number one goalkeeper and he has proved his strength. The way he plays and the quality he plays is satisfying, and he has made two clean sheets, which shows that he is ready. When he joined the team, I said he was competitive, we all know his ability and he has shown it Lampard said.

Lampard stressed: so hes one of our teams now and its something we need to fight for. Of course, he has to keep working hard to keep the position. Im very happy with the way he is. We have to compete in our team and kappa knows that The British media believe that Kepa, who has become number two goalkeeper, is likely to seek a move away from Chelsea during the winter window.

Yesterday, Chelsea announced the British super list, Cech should be on the list, which is very surprising. Explaining the decision, Lampard pointed out: its not a random decision. Cech has been training with the goalkeepers for a long time, he enjoys training and he is excellent. Hes always there when we need him. Cech is still healthy and young and he can continue to play. We dont expect Cech to play this season, but when we are in an emergency, Cech is our best choice

Seeing Cechs possibility of returning to the field, old friend Drogba was not calm. There are fans on the social network @ Drogba: Hi, Drogba, my friend, you also put on your boots. Without hesitation, Africas Dehua quickly replied, Im on my way to Cobham training base. During his time at Chelsea, Drogba helped the team win four Premier League titles, four FA Cup titles and that stirring Champions League title.