How to choose bangs when its cool?

 How to choose bangs when its cool?

In this way:

After raising the bangs, a sweep before the image of a good girl, let her look more imposing and personality. The proportion of her head is also more harmonious, and her face is smaller with her high head.

Therefore, if you want to have a bangs that can give you bonus points, you must first understand these points.

1u3001 What face shape is suitable for keeping bangs

The girls with wide forehead will be very suitable for keeping Qi bangs, which can well hide their shortcomings and enlarge the advantages of their eyebrows and eyes. Qi bangs are shaped like a little sister next door, super young.

Girls with long faces can also consider leaving bangs, which can shorten the length of the face visually, help to increase the lovely feel, and make people appear small and smart.

2u3001 How to create Qi Liu Hai with air feeling

Teacher Lisas iron bangs have won everyones attention. How to make the bangs still has become a unified question. Fortunately, Lisa later told us the secret. Fluffy and dry is the basic requirement, and then spray more finalized spray.

In addition, the curl of bangs is also very important. A proper arc can create a sense of air and a sense of fullness. Thats why you often see a curly hair tube on your head.

Qi Liuhais younger sister often gives people the feeling of being cute and neighbors. Correspondingly, the make-up should be more clear and Korean. This puts emphasis on blush, and then collocation with pink lip makeup to create a powder and tender atmosphere. This is the correct way to open girl next door.

4u3001 Small tips for forehead exposure

Xiao Tong, who shows her forehead, will be more amazing and has the aura of a female star. Of course, the appearance of the forehead is also a test of face shape and make-up.

5u3001 What are the models of exposed forehead

The shape of the forehead is more friendly for the three-dimensional facial features of miss Nongyan.

For example, dragon whisker bangs, in fact, are long like dragon whiskers. The length of the lower jaw angle can help to modify the face shape and make it more elegant. The big power power often keeps this kind of hairstyle, appears the face is very exquisite.

Partial long bangs are very friendly to many faces, and they are also very plastic. This kind of side parting bangs, with long hair can be beautiful and a, with short hair is also super temperament, such as hot PA face three-dimensional, facial features accounted for a larger appearance, is very suitable for exposing the forehead, looks very atmospheric.

6u3001 How can ability show small face

Cr: Little Red Book @ rabbit wild moon

Before and after the contrast is super obvious, show face small, show hair volume really a must!

Cr: Little Red Book @ rabbit wild moon

The appearance of the forehead creates a clean and generous image, so the matching make-up also needs to improve the delicacy and three-dimensional feeling. The edges and corners of wild eyebrows and upper eyeliners can make the overall refinement upup!

8u3001 Moisturize your hair before its completely dry

Before the hair is completely dry, apply essential oil in the hair and hair tail to deeply nourish the hair.

Hair care is a matter of pay, there will be a return, good hair girl temperament will add a lot of points, and delicate makeup, hair dry and impetuous words will give people a feeling of slovenness, do not lose the details.