Song Zuers manicure is not just for good looks? Its about

 Song Zuers manicure is not just for good looks? Its about

Not only did she visit Zuers bathroom with 8 times mirror, shared her favorite things, but also pushed Amways red number, planted grass and nail stickers

She said more frankly, besides good-looking manicure, she could feel that she was a girl and a queen at the moment of nail making. In fact, there must be a lot of girls who think so when they do their nails, right?


DIY is the positive solution!

In fact, every time I go to the nail shop, the price is not cheap. Wang Ju said in the program that she would do her own nails. In fact, DIY at home really saves time, effort and money~

Lin Yuns DIY manicure, from simple background color + line graffiti to chain manicure, can be completed by himself, whether it is simple style or design style. See here, Xiaobian hand over a metal manicure DIY tutorial, just need an eyebrow brush can easily get!


Then dip in a small amount of nail polish, and smear it once or twice along the middle part of the finger to smear evenly. If your nail polish is not so good, you can wait until it is dry.


Then its the highlight. Look for a clean eyebrow brush, or wash the brush in the finished mascara. Bend the wire at the front of the brush head.


Then dip the curved part with silver nail polish, and dip the front bristles.


Then on the air dried fingernails randomly daub, the pattern can imagine, can draw the different starry sky or shining effect.


Finally, apply a layer of seal transparent nail oil on OK! Using manicure on your hand can also give collocation with different effects.

Recommended by beauty editor Zha Xin

Highlight: the material is safe and healthy, with water as the base solvent, natural mineral color powder and imported natural plant color paste as pigment. Tear pull nail oil can peel off in pieces without damaging nail surface, and has excellent color, saturation and leveling performance.

Lancme love nail oil / 185 yuan

Highlight: brand new color, refreshing life energy, fashionable people who are keen on colorful color can also paint one color on each finger, and change as you like. Let the fingertip become the trend, let the beautiful dance on the fingertip.

AnnaSui gorgeous rose art nail polish oil / 170 yuan

Recommended reasons: in addition to the original protection of nail surface horniness, repair and fill the nail ridges and the function of isolating nail polish, add a new pale pink touch function to make the natural pink, tender color and smooth blemish healthy nails, fast drying and lasting effect.

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