Zhao Liyings transformation from rural to advanced

 Zhao Liyings transformation from rural to advanced

So how do we ordinary round face girls make use of their own advantages to transform into advanced faces? Lets learn some new moves from Xiao Zi!

What about the face shape? It is generally divided into 6 species

Step 1: take out the mirror as if you were looking at your ID card. Remove the heavy bangs and look for your forehead width, zygomatic width and jaw width.

Step 3: connect the three points I mentioned, and you will know what kind of face you are. People like Xu Lu are typical square faces, also known as Chinese character faces.

If you still dont find something in common, look for a ruler and look at the widest position of your face, whether its forehead, cheek bone or jaw.

Compare the width and length of your face, and finally see if your chin is square, sharp or round.

Next, Xiaozi will take you to distinguish face shape and choose hairstyle~

So round face really needs to be careful when choosing hair style. In general, we should pay attention to: 1. Covering the flesh; 2. Modifying the facial lines.

And the most suitable round face is Xin Zhilei hairstyle. It can not only cover the round place on the face, but also show the small face.

If you want to look good, you must remember two points: layering and deep hair color. Tan songyun looks very stuffy when she keeps her bangs.

Bangs and the whole hair are cut out of the hierarchy, immediately fresh, fashion sense is also strong.

Square face is also commonly known as Chinese character face, its biggest characteristic is cheekbone = forehead = mandible, face shape presents a square.

Cuckoo and Shu Qi are also square faces, but both have a high-level charm, as if their faces are written with no entry for strangers.

Whats the best style for a square face? Lets see the star representative demonstration:

The most suitable hairstyle for square face is to increase the wavy curl, which can solve the problem of high hairline and no bangs.

You can also choose shoulder length micro curl short hair, make use of the messy feeling of the hair tail, reduce the contour of the jaw, which is smaller than straight hair curly hair.

The fluffy curl of Princess ironing can also perfectly soften the bony face of rongzuer.

If you like short, neat hair, you can consider spring and Sun Lis neutral short hair. You can divide the bangs in front of you, which can effectively lengthen the face and divert attention.

Another common face shape is the long face.

Long face people, you can refer to ishiko Suhara, choose with a curly lob head is the most suitable.

Or, like Tiffany, its nice to wear a beret with a low top and a round curve after lop cutting.

Diamond face, also known as diamond face, is characterized by wide cheekbones, sunken temples, and a sharp chin.

If you tie up your hair completely without leaving a little hair, its easy to dilute your femininity and look old.

Whats the best hairstyle for a diamond face? Can be in the forehead or temple position to leave some small broken hair, eversion eight character bangs is also quite suitable, diamond face, the length just covers your cheekbones can.

Wu Xin, who cant get out of the short hair pit, has to cut her short hair back to her clavicular hair, which is much better than her long hair.

In short, whether its long hair or short hair, there should be a bangs that can cover your forehead.

If your face is long > wide, forehead > cheekbones > mandible, and the chin is round and smooth.

If the fairy is such a face, to tell the truth, basically do not need to worry about, can hold any hair!

Zheng Shuangs summer solstice is also the first love of the head shape, button short hair with Qi bangs, plus brown hair color is particularly white and tender.

Long hair tail curl is the most versatile, but also looks the most obedient long curly hair. If you want to curl your hair, youd better choose s curl and C-shaped inside curl.

Now imitation of the popular awl face, although controversial, is indeed a good-looking face. Needless to say, Fan Bingbing, the ancestor of awl face, is good-looking.

Melon seed face and goose egg face are the same, basically any kind of hair style can be, as long as it is not special novelty.

But more mind with thick Qi bangs to cover, it will be counterproductive.

In fact, if you want to choose short hair, you should do more homework and study your face shape. Or find some stars with your similar face shape for reference, enlarge the advantages, block the disadvantages, and may not be able to cut short hair.