Fan Zhendong: always wanted to surpass Malones value, but when he couldnt carry it, he stood down

 Fan Zhendong: always wanted to surpass Malones value, but when he couldnt carry it, he stood down

In the past 2020 China Table Tennis Championship, fan Zhendong won the championship by beating Malone 4:3. After a long process of no competition for more than half a year, the champion is precious to xiaopang.

Ma Long and fan Zhendong differ by 9 years, which can be said to be two generations of excellent Chinese mens line players. It was a brilliant singles match that lasted seven innings and was won at the last minute.

Fan Zhendong got a point 11:5 at the beginning, and then both sides fell into a stalemate state. Xiaopang also said after the game, from the beginning of the second set into a very difficult stage. In the second set, the score was 12:14, Malong won and the big score was tied.

In recent years, in the world table tennis world, almost all the players standing opposite the Malone table can feel his great control over the game. In the third game, Malone beat fan Zhendong by 11:3. In this regard, xiaopang pointed out that this is his old problem: the last few innings have been pressed to play, but he must be backward and not give up. Their old problems slow hot appeared more, I this competition one by one in the adjustment and progress. Its not easy to adjust yourself in a game. Its very contagious to play against Malone. Hes going all out in every game. Were all going all out

11: 5, 6:11, 11:9, after six innings, the two sides reached a big score of three draws, and the game entered the decisive set. In the seventh inning, fan Zhendong led by 4:1 and was tied 7 by Malone. For the subtle fluctuations on the field, fan Zhendong said that Malone was not only terrible when he was ahead, but also worried about the game when he was behind and his reading ability of the game was even more terrible.

Finally, fan Zhendong won the seventh game 11-7 and won the mens singles champion in the all championship with a total score of 4-3. This is also his third singles champion in the all championship after 2014 and 2016.

After the match, fan Zhendong said: Malones mastery of the relationship between fierce and stable is the first in the world when he is behind. At this time, he needs to constantly adjust himself. When he feels very difficult and when he feels that he cant carry it, this is the most valuable thing I got in the whole game.

From November 13 to 15, Dishang 2020 ITTF mens World Cup will be held in Weihai, Shandong Province. The players sent by China Table Tennis Association are Ma Long and fan Zhendong. There is a relationship of competition and inheritance between them. Every player who participates in the world cup has a strong expectation for the field. The arena is the stage for athletes to show themselves. It should be said that not only Malone, all the players participating in the game are the opponents of fan Zhendong, but he also has a bigger opponent, himself. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to break through. As he said after winning the championship in the championship, the most valuable thing gained in this game is to hold it when it cant be carried.

(photo source: table tennis report)

Source: International Table Tennis Federation Chinese official website editor: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651