The Italian air force and Navy had a fight over the next F-35B

 The Italian air force and Navy had a fight over the next F-35B

Italy plans to order 30 F-35B fighters, 15 for the air force and 15 for the Navy, and the air force has ordered another 60 f-35a.

The navy has already received two f-35bs and the air force has received one. In the next few weeks, it will decide who will get the fourth.

The Navy wants to replace the aging AV-8B with the F-35B, while the air force wants to use it for overseas expeditions because it can take off from short runways.

Ali Sandro, a senior researcher at the IAI think tank, said that from the actual situation, the navy is more likely to obtain the next F-35B. When the navy has three such fighters, it can bring about great changes in combat capability.

A senior military source supported the Navys acquisition of the next F-35B, saying that Italys gafur aircraft carrier had poor coordination with av-8 without a Link11 data link, and the aircraft would be decommissioned by 2025. With Britains brexit, Europe will become more dependent on Frances Charles de Gaulle and Italys gaffer, both of which carry old aircraft.

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