Zhejiang mens volleyball team beat Shanghais new lineup for three consecutive victories

 Zhejiang mens volleyball team beat Shanghais new lineup for three consecutive victories

There are many mistakes in the first game and the beginning of the game. Henan entered the state quickly and took the lead with a weak advantage. Yu Yuantai served straight twice. Jiangsu, who had a bad start, made the score 8-8. Zhang Chen played a small oblique line, and Jiangsu was 10-8 ahead. Henan held the score to 18, then both sides fought all the way to 21. Under the pressure of Zhang Chens serve, Yu Yuantai played decisively, Jiangsu Mens volleyball team took the first place in the city with 25-22; the two sides had a tight start in the second set, and Jiangsu Mens volleyball team established an advantage in the middle of the game, and took the next city with 25-19; in the third set, Jiangsu Mens volleyball team seized the victory and won by 25-21.

For this victory, Jiangsu Mens volleyball team Yu Yaochen showed great humility: after yesterdays defeat in Beijing, we summarized, today we are more fully prepared, seriously treat and play with the main force. Henan team training new people, our side should be stronger Li Yuanbo of Henan mens volleyball team thinks: the championship is mainly to train the team, Cui Jianjuns guidance does not play, lack of a person with stable military spirit, the team wants to exercise such a core through the competition. There is a certain gap between us and Jiangsu team. The Jiangsu team is relatively mature. Today, our team has made more mistakes. We have done a little bit worse in grasping the opportunity ball and preventing the counter attack

The new team of Shanghai Mens volleyball team made their debut yesterday. They won a 3-1 victory over Guangdong, and both sides scored the highest score since the start of the game in the third inning. In todays competition, they lost 0-3 (13-25 / 19-25 / 21-25) to Zhejiang mens volleyball team.

In this battle, Ren Qi, head coach of Shanghai Mens volleyball team, changed players several times: we should let more young players play against opponents on the field. Zhejiang team has national team members like Zhang Jingyin and many excellent players. Let our team members personally experience the competition with high-level players and the gap between the team and the team, so that they can learn from the high-level opponents by playing with opponents on the field In addition, Ren Qi gave affirmation to the performance of the young players: todays performance of the small players is OK, there is no stage fright or particularly nervous situation. Today is to hold the attitude of learning, can not play well, but not allowed to bow down. Although the score has been behind, but the players played a good ball, we will still hold together to celebrate. But from the technical point of view, whether from the height, strength, speed, including tactical literacy, small ball series or with Zhejiang team there is a gap. These small players usually play less games, so they need to accumulate experience through actual combat, see their shortcomings through the competition, and then go back to training to find problems and improve. This will help them a lot

On the fourth competition day, there will be six matches: Shandong Sichuan, Yunnan Hubei, Jiangsu Fujian, Shanghai Tianjin, Beijing Henan and Guangdong Zhejiang. Welcome to our attention!

Source: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of Chinese Volleyball Association_ NB12651