In the first three quarters, the average income of macro strategic private placement was 24.21percent

 In the first three quarters, the average income of macro strategic private placement was 24.21percent

Positive income accounts for over 90%

After combing the latest data of private placement network, the reporter of Securities Daily found that in the first three quarters of this year, 15468 equity private equity products with data statistics in the whole market achieved an average yield of 19.7%, of which 86% of the products obtained positive returns. In terms of strategy, the performance of macro strategy, stock bull, management futures and composite strategy private placement products ranked top.

The reporter found that up to now, there are 270 macro strategic private placement products with data statistics in the whole market, with the average yield of 24.21% in the first three quarters of this year, ranking first among the eight private placement strategies. Among them, 86.67% of these products achieved positive income.

In addition, the number of portfolio strategy, relative value, event driven and fixed income private placement products were 604, 726, 59 and 2244, respectively. The average return rates of the first three quarters were 17.16%, 13.3%, 9.84% and 5.83%, respectively. The number of products with positive return accounted for 95.53%, 92.15%, 69.49% and 93.18% respectively.

Private placement is generally optimistic

In an interview with reporters, Hu Po, the future star fund manager of private placement, said that the overall fluctuation of equity market this year is big and the trend is obvious. The A-share market has stepped out of a structural bull market, with major indexes rising by more than 10%. Among the leading sectors of science and technology, medicine and consumption, high-quality stocks have achieved double returns. As a result, the overall performance of stock strategy private placement products this year is good. In particular, private equity products that prefer science and technology, medicine and consumption have achieved a very high rate of return.

Hu po said that affected by the epidemic situation in the first half of this year, different sectors had a round of sharp decline. After the market sentiment fully digests, under the coordination of sufficient liquidity, A-share has a strong rebound. Due to the large fluctuation of the market before and after, the relative value, event driven, futures strategy private placement products have good market performance. In addition, the macro strategy and compound strategy private placement products also benefit from the good performance of equity market, and the income is also considerable. The poor performance of the bond market this year is mainly due to the influence of higher interest rates, resulting in the poor performance of fixed income strategy private placement products.

Yin Baoqing, deputy general manager of Senrui investment, told reporters that the company insisted on the layout of investment in the pharmaceutical and biological industry this year, and the product performance in the first three quarters was good. On the one hand, it was related to the market situation, on the other hand, the medical industry showed strong resilience due to the rigid demand factors under the background of the epidemic situation. Many listed companies not only did not suffer, but benefited from it. We have grasped it The opportunity. It is expected that the structural opportunities of the A-share market in the fourth quarter are still worth looking forward to.

Zhou Wenming, the co-founder of Linze investment, said in an interview that this year is a big year for value investment. Private equity products that can select and patiently hold some high-quality leading stocks have made good profits. Private equity investment research focuses on the track, especially the consumer, pharmaceutical, technology and other industries, behind which are based on the people dividend. For the fourth quarter market, it is expected that the macro policy and economic data are likely to remain stable, and the A-share market needs a period of time to rest and regain momentum, which is exactly the best layout period.