How blue is the iPhone 12? Someone who has touched the real machine will tell you

 How blue is the iPhone 12? Someone who has touched the real machine will tell you

In fact, it can be predicted that the blue version of the iPhone 12 will be very popular, because this is the new color of this time. Whenever a new iPhone is released, the new color is always popular. But what I didnt expect was that the blue iPhone 12 would become a hot spot. All kinds of blue items could come to rub the heat of the iPhone 12 at this time.

It is said that many of the young people who have already made reservations for the blue iPhone 12 have been happy for only one day, and then they are in a state of anxiety: what to do? Is it really that blue? Do you want to return it?

The latest hit is the blue iPhone 12

In order to make these friends feel at ease, we went to touch the real machine in advance. Whether the iPhone 12 is blue or not, how blue it is, and whether it is too blue, after our observation, testing and photographing from various angles, I believe we can give you a more objective answer. (all photos below are straight out from the camera without post-processing)

The front and back are blue, but are they really ugly

Lets start with the conclusion: the actual color of the iPhone 12 is quite blue, but the actual appearance is not bad, which is different from the microblog images. The iPhone 12 pros blue is not so blue, very introverted, infinitely close to advanced grey..

The blue shown in the microblog heat map is indeed the color of the iPhone 12, but the image on Apples official website is also the real blue of the iPhone 12. Why is the difference so big? In fact, it mainly lies in the color changes brought by glass materials. The ambient light can easily affect the color of the back of the iPhone 12. As can be seen from the following two photos, the slightly different shooting angle and the slight change of light angle make the iPhone 12 appear two completely different blue colors.

Under the blessing of light and shadow, does this blue look less ugly, or even a little good-looking?

A little bit of angle, it turns dark blue

In fact, when I casually sent out a few colors to a woman who had no idea of the iPhone 12 Blue stem, she said: blue is good. And the partner who had been perturbed by microblog images also said that it seemed acceptable.

Its really on the hand. Actually, the texture of the blue iPhone 12 is also very good

As for the students who bought the iPhone 12pro blue, they didnt have to worry about it. This color matching has nothing to do with the low price. The surgical grade stainless steel with blue light on the side looks particularly high-tech, a bit like the blue steel after special treatment, which is matched with the restrained gray blue body.

The actual color of the blue iPhone 12pro is a little bit gray

Of course, the color is still very subjective, honey a, arsenic B, if you are not sure, you might as well go to the physical store to see and decide.

IPhone 12 Pro family photo

Personally, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have several colors that I like very much. The gold version of the iPhone 12pro was first introduced. The material and process of its stainless steel frame are consistent with that of the applewatch. The effect is infinitely close to the 18 K gold used in jewelry. It is very high-profile and shining.

One of the features of the iPhone 12 series is that it can be photographed again with standing up and the gold is really flashy

The other two striking colors are the iPhone 12s red and green. The color of the red version is very positive. Under the influence of different light and shadow, it will also present the color close to orange or dark red, and there is one more (product) red logo on the lower back than other color versions.

The red version of the iPhone 12 is very eye-catching

The green version of the iPhone 12 uses a very fresh mint green, a bit like macarone or jelly color, almost girl heart explosion.

The green version is small and fresh

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Apples official mobile phone case has also made several small changes. First of all, the bottom has been replaced by a full encirclement, instead of showing a Chin as before. The biggest change is the addition of a circular coil in the back, which is designed to match MagSafe wireless charging. After the case is installed, an animation will appear on the screen to show that MagSafe is ready to charge the phone wirelessly through the case.

The official phone case has a loop inside

If you really want people to know youve changed your iPhone 12 for the first time, make sure you use that transparent shell. The huge circular coil directly visible is the most important new logo.

The coil of the transparent shell has also become one of the important symbols of this generation of iPhone

It can be imagined that in the future, even if it is a third-party mobile phone case, it is inevitable to install this charging coil. In the short term, I am afraid that the third-party case of the iPhone 12 series will not be cheap.

Source: surging news editor: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541