One step faster! Huaqiang North magics iPhone 12 came out of the street a month ago

 One step faster! Huaqiang North magics iPhone 12 came out of the street a month ago

Photo by Xu Shiqi

At 1:00 p.m., people and vehicles on Huaqiang North Road were in a hurry. From time to time, takeout riders on electric vehicles sped by, and many people pushed carts full of cartons to quickly pass by. No one dared to stop to block the road that was not spacious.

A monopoly of mobile phone parts in the building, Xiao Chen took the mobile phone to make a voice call: Hello, sister, do you have a shell of 12 over there? The other person said no, and she sent another voice, do you have the shell of the iPhone 12?

By shell, she means the back of the iPhone. Early this morning, a guest asked Chen if his old iPhone could be changed into the latest iPhone 12. On social platforms, photos of iphonexr, iphone11 and other models disguised as new iphone12 have been circulated all over the world, and netizens are excited: iPhone 11 will be fine in two years!

Xiao Chens market specializes in selling mobile phone parts. In almost 20 years, mobile phones can find the corresponding backplane, screen, camera and other large and small components. It costs only a few cents for a camera ring, and it costs only 30 yuan to replace a glass back panel of iPhone x for 2 yuan.

She asked about a dozen or so familiar shop owners and finally found one with goods

Any model can be changed to iPhone 12. The iPhone x costs 450 yuan, and the iPhone 11 is cheaper, more than 100 yuan. Its expensive to have a flat cable, but its cheaper if its not. Due to the different camera positions, the camera function of some models of mobile phones may be affected after magic modification. For example, only one camera can be used.

For as long as one to five hundred yuan, your old mobile phone will be transformed into the latest iPhone. This technology is a piece of cake for Huaqiangbei businessmen. Its just like making a few back covers and plugging the old machines in. For the excitement of netizens, a seller commented on the interface news: to change a shell, it is still called magic change ? After that.

Xiao Chen doesnt quite understand the mentality of using old clothes as new ones. In fact, if you get closer, you can see that its not a real iPhone 12. But she quickly said that as long as consumers have demand, she can get the goods to sell.

The official iPhone series was only officially available on the market on October 23.

However, as early as a month ago, before the launch of the iPhone 12, Huaqiangbei had already made accessories.

Xiao Chen recalled the interface news. In mid September, he saw a picture of the back cover of the iPhone 12 sent out by a businessman in his circle of friends, including not only the back shell, but also the glass back panel, screen and camera. At present, there are a small number of businesses selling in Huaqiangbei market.

Huaqiangbeis magic transformation history can be traced back to the iPhone 4 era ten years ago. At that time, some people exposed the transparent back cover of Huaqiangbeis iPhone 4 on the Internet. Many people still remember the amazing transparent iPhone 4. In the era of iPhone x released in 2017, Liu Haiping became a trend. At that time, Huaqiangbei also had many magic products.

It is not only Chinese people who are keen on this kind of Shanzhai accessories, but also foreigners. Xiao Chen told the interface news that a large number of businesses in the market are engaged in foreign trade, and there are also many foreigners visiting Huaqiang Beili. Huaqiangbei people who do not have a high level of foreign language know how to deal with them. Two English words are enough, original and copy.

However, the businessmen here are very alert. If you dont understand a few words, you will rush in and probably nobody will take care of it. Because in recent years, Huaqiang North is experiencing more and more severe inspection of goods.

Huaqiangbei, known as hardware Silicon Valley, made its fortune by relying on Shanzhai. All kinds of second-hand and non original products flow in this gray market. In recent years, there have been goods checking people in the market from time to time. As for their identity, some people say that they are from mobile phone manufacturers, while others are from government employees. In any case, once there is wind and grass, the whole floor of the shop will be quickly closed to avoid being fined, business people are increasingly vigilant.

This is a storm that has been implemented for several years. Some media reported in 2016 that Shanzhai products harm the interests of consumers and are not conducive to the long-term development of the market. Therefore, Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau, together with Huaqiangbei sub district office and other competent departments, will carry out anti-counterfeiting actions every once in a while, and its efforts are still strengthening.

Although the market regulation tends to be strict, cheap counterfeit goods are still the survival advantages of Huaqiangbei. Even in recent years, Huaqiangbei people still live well. Because most of the businesses here are in the upstream, and the retail business is only part-time. They communicate with each other to get goods, and their division of labor is clear, and there is little business competition.

For example, Xiao Chen, for example, a product like magic iPhone 12 accessories has been sent by one person in the circle of friends, which will soon spread to the whole building and even other buildings. Maybe all the customers see the same picture, and the source of goods is from the same house. When someone really wants to buy it, transfer the goods from the source. This is the magic of Huaqiangbei.

Source: responsible editor of interface news: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541